Map: Misrata June 18th

This map shows the situation in Misrata on June 18th, with the events of that day below. Thanks to FunGuerillaz.

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  1. Pipefitter says:

    My prediction speech on the öilfield to the workers was, i am seeing a great
    future for de african peaple for the next time, so ist it is coming now.
    I hope it will be better soon and an dood age for the freedoms in Libya, as
    an old man oiljob worker from the AGOCO !
    So long & good luck! Pipefitter.

  2. patriot says:

    NATO telling pro-government to lay down arms and then be shot by their rebels. What about rebels laying down their weapons

    Last week, NATO aircraft dropped leaflets around the front line warning pro-Gaddafi fighters they would be targeted by attack helicopters if they did not lay down their arms. But rebels say there has been little sign of the alliance.

    “We don’t know what NATO is doing,” said the doctor, called Nury, who was tending the wounded at the field hospital.


    After four months of civil war, rebels control the eastern third of Libya, the Mediterranean port city of Misrata and much of the Western Mountains region stretching to the border with Tunisia.

    But they remain far from seizing their ultimate prize — Gaddafi’s powerbase of Tripoli and its hinterland — despite air support from the world’s most powerful military alliance.

    Speaking in the eastern city of Benghazi, the chief rebel oil official castigated Western powers for failing to make good on their promises to help the rebel cause.

    “We are running out of everything. It’s a complete failure. Either they (Western nations) don’t understand or they don’t care. Nothing has materialized yet. And I really mean nothing,” Ali Tarhouni said in an interview with Reuters.

    “All of these people we talk to, all of these countries, at all these conferences, with their great grand speeches — we appreciate (them) … but in terms of finances they are a complete failure. Our people are dying,” he said.

    (Additional reporting by Matt Robinson in Misrata, Saif al-Jubouri in Tripoli, Peter Griffiths in London and Maria Golovnina in Benghazi; Writing by Christian Lowe; Editing by Angus MacSwan)

    • Harald says:

      “NATO telling pro-government to lay down arms and then be shot by their rebels.”

      That’s again not true. If pro-Ghaddaffi forces lay down their arms they won’t be shot by TNC forces.
      Ghaddaffi and his minions though will try to have all regime soldiers who surrender to the TNC shot.
      We already have several witnesses of lybian soldiers who reported that their officers ordered to shoot any deserter and any lybian soldier trying to surrender to TNC forces.
      Real and perceived TNC fighters captured by Ghaddaffi’s forces though were beaten, tortured and murdered as a regular ordered measure, while mistreatment of prisoners by TNC forces happened against the standing order of the TNC command.
      Also this incidents of TNC forces mistreating prisoners have greatly decreased as TNC command and military police getting more control over the situation.

      “What about rebels laying down their weapons”

      What you call the rebels is the fighting force of the legitimate interim gouverment of Lybia, the TNC.
      Ghaddaffi has lost his legitimacy as leader of Lybia by ordering the mass killings of unarmed lybian civilians.
      And why should the TNC forces lay down their arms?
      Their fight for a free Lybia is not finished.
      Also it is clear that the TNC will win this conflict.
      Why stopping halfway?
      There will be peace when Ghaddaffi and his sons leave Lybia or are dead and the whole of Lybia is liberated from this brutal dictatorship.

      • patriot says:

        You are dreaming of marionettes winning this war. Even with support of NATO and the special forces, they can’t win.

        This is not about Gaddafi, this is about honour of Libya. There is not way puppets will be able to lead Libya.

  3. Fredy says:

    Your are guilty Patriot.

  4. Fredy says:

    Don’t anybody listen to Patriot he is just playing with us.

    Patriot your guilty.

  5. James Miller says:

    Gaddafi threw his last reserves at all the front lines from Tripoli. He has no more regular Army left , he transferred his elite Tripoli Security brigades.
    That’s it! He is using everything he has everywhere and he is being backed up losing inch by inch.
    He can’t replace anything Libyan because every place he loses and every resource he loses goes and stays with the NTC. Gadaffi is basically an alien occupation army fighting in a hostile country.

    So that’s it, bit of a hump to bump the last replacements but an Al Jazeera Expert , a General , says Gaddafi is too weak now to launch any successful attack anywhere. NLA outnumbers G-forces, has highly motivated versus forced conscripts and Mercs, it’s just a matter of rolling over what armour and artillery G has left and having NATO help attrit that.
    Any G columns that attack now will get flanked and annihilated. They are going to get flanked and annihilated even if they just stay in place, it’s just a matter of time.
    And every flanking or advance transfers captured war material to the NLA.
    If one front cracks they all crack, Gaddafi’s in a giant nutcracker – something’s gotta give. at all the fronts Gaddafi is now on the defensive, including Misrata where his attacks are only defensive since they are not capable of taking ground and in fact the NLA is taking ground.
    Good bye Gaddafi Goons.
    If you are reading this on your laptops in your little hidey holes, Lissen up! Like NATO says you got only one choice – Run or Die!

    And if you remain to fire Grads and artillery on Misrata , you won’t get that choice, you will be war criminals, your names will be listed and you will have nowhere to run.

    • patriot says:

      If wishes were horses….:-)

      NATO and the mercenaries will be defeated. You can learn from your other Masters who are now negotiating with Taliban in Afghanistan, though they had promised never to negotiate with what they termed as Terrorists. Its just a matter of time…


      Outgoing US Defence Secretary Robert Gates has confirmed that the US is holding “outreach” talks with members of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

      Mr Gates said talks were “preliminary” but that a political solution was the way “most of these wars end”.

      It is the first time the US has acknowledged such contact and comes a day after Afghan President Hamid Karzai said peace talks had started.

      The US is due to start withdrawing its 97,000 troops from Afghanistan in July.

      It aims to gradually hand over all security operations to Afghan security forces by 2014.

      “There’s been outreach on the part of a number of countries, including the United States,” Mr Gates told CNN., without naming other countries involved.

      “I would say that these contacts are very preliminary.

      “My own view is that real reconciliation talks are not likely to be able to make any substantive headway until at least this winter.”

    • patriot says:

      BTW the War criminals are NATO who have killed a lot of people all over the World.
      Point one finger and four are pointing back at you!

  6. ankhwashitaw says:

    15:21 Libya TV 10 people were killed and 60 wounded on the western frontline near Misrata today.

    You’ve got someone calling in fire…….As you advance…….up until Zliten……….clear the area, and refugee them, without communication…………Any rebel soldier found looting catches one in his ass…….
    The eastern front should have soldiers taking the high road through Gharyan……Wt-F-uck………some people look foward to the day Gaddaffi gets his, I look foward just as much to the day Younis does………………..

  7. ankhwashitaw says:

    “We are running out of everything. It’s a complete failure. Either they (Western nations) don’t understand or they don’t care. Nothing has materialized yet. And I really mean nothing,” Ali Tarhouni said in an interview with Reuters.

    Put that blame squarely where it belongs, on Obama. He introduced the CIA to make his handlers happy, and now he has introduced them into Yemen….I’m sure with us in Iraq, they’re also in Syria. Hesays outwardly that he wants change, but he hasn’t fought for it or spoken to it in America, Saudi Arabia, or Bahrain, why would he really want it anywhere else. He is having a very profitable outing to be such a Bozo!!!!!!!!!!!

    • patriot says:

      “We are running out of everything. It’s a complete failure. Either they (Western nations) don’t understand or they don’t care. Nothing has materialized yet. And I really mean nothing,” Ali Tarhouni said in an interview with Reuters.

      You are learning about your “pawn” status the hard way. What do you expect from Imperialistic friends? Do you think they love you or they love the oil under the ground? 😉

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