Map: Misrata Strategic Situation June 22nd

This is the strategic situation in Misrata of June 22nd and the events of the previous day listed below, thanks to FunGuerillaz.

Additional comments by FunGuerillaz:

My map is not an exact representation of the true situation but a schematic reflecting my limited state of knowledge.

As for the map: No big changes but since I have a better idea about the location of the field hospital and since I heard several days ago that the latter was then 6 km from the front line, I was able to move forward the line on my map by this distance. For the other axis of advance, I don’t have any new information so I moved the front line on my map just a tiny bit to be on the safe side. Other than that I’ve introduced a new symbol, one for drones. Not so good 1 crashed, but good that they are there watching the regime troops.

As for the Update, here are the links mentioned in it: Drone Video, and Drone details. Field Hospital Photos, Hospital Report, Regime ‘Advance’.

Digging In & Zliten Phone Call Video, Splinter Bombs, Boot Camp Video.

NATO Criticism Report, NATO Key Airstrike Graph.

The two latter links are in line with my criticism of NATO for speculating to much on a regime breakdown &/or uprising in Tripoli & thus spending to much ressources on Tripoli instead of Misrata, the Nafusa Mountains & Brega while people suffer there.

What’s more? Oh yes I almost forgot: I need to explain that report on a regime ‘advance’ near ad-Dafniya & what I wrote on it in the Update: This comes from a doctor in the field hospital who mentioned to Reuter that the regime troops were advancing by 1 km. I doubt this report a bit since the FFs often advance by several km, then retreat by about half that while fortifying the newly gained half of the distance with shipping containers, trenches and sand berms. I have seen other instances at this exact front were reporters have misunderstood the situation despite being at the front. So it’s quite possible that the reporter just misunderstood the doctor. If there had been a real regime advance we should have heard it from other sources as well, which we didn’t.

Also, so far the FFs have always pushed forward since the uprising in Zliten some two weeks ago. I don’t remember one day were any net retreat resulted in the end of the day. So that’s why I doubt this isolated report even when coming from a professional journalist on the front.

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3 Responses to Map: Misrata Strategic Situation June 22nd

  1. Pipefitter says:

    Thanks for my afternoon information in Vienna by your post!
    I am glad for yours progress coming foreward to loose ghadaffi.
    In Vienna, only small information by the “Presse”, we get daily
    there I am posting also.
    good luck, pipefitter!

  2. AlanfromBigEasy says:

    Incremental progress, slow and painful, appears to be the strategy.

    Simply taking the desert road, especially the crossroads on the central front of Misrata would almost isolate the regime forces from Misrata to Brega.

    The attack on the military camp with “12 structures” is encouraging. Regime forces inside would likely be killed or wounded, material damaged and morale of those returning would be hurt.

    There is a benefit from this slow progress. It allows political maturation and some elements from the regime to defect and be integrated into the new government.

    I suspect that there will be a sudden collapse of regime forces on the front followed by a rapid advance to the suburbs of Tripoli. And then what ?

    Best Hopes for the People of Libya,

    Alan Drake

  3. sarcastical says:

    No, we are NOT stalemating, nooooo, God forbid, absolutely not. This is why these maps are released daily and with great front line changes, riiight?

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