Map: Misrata Sunday 12th

This map shows the events in Misrata of Sunday, June 12th and below it are the updates and comments, thanks to FunGuerillaz.

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4 Responses to Map: Misrata Sunday 12th

  1. Hadock says:

    Well, the “NATO imposed Red Line” was sure useful when the rebel were attacked in the recent days. Without it they may have been to stranded to fight back on all the directions.

  2. James Miller says:

    The mysterious legerdemain of Nato and the case of the disappearing helicopters. Maybe get Sherlock Holmes’ grandson out there to look for them.

    Now you didn’t see them and now you don’t.
    The most they ever get at the front line is a picture of a helicopter.

    Considering NATO’s track record of not using the helicopters for constantly threating to use “helicopters” on the front lines and never doing so for over four weeks I don’t think those flyers will have much affect. Probably they are glad for the free toilet paper or toilet plastic, if the fliers are indestructible then they are reusable. They might ask NATO if they come in four-ply?

    Isn’t it about time NATO realized they can’t scare Daffy Commanders, First they don’t care about their men , for such a slow rate of attrition they can easily get new mercs nd NATO is so kind to give them the time to do so, but primarily they know by now after four weeks that NATOS is not serious about the helicopter for full usage or use on the front and for that matter after 6-7 weeks not even serious about the planes or letting the NLA advance- – has no intention of letting the Freedom Fighters advance, And BTW NATO can easily see them in the tree with satellite images – they showed it at the press briefings
    The Gaddafis know that that NATO is stalling the lines, they don’t care abut flyers that say “Boo”! , they can live with a .01 percent attrition rate a day. Since the NLA is not allowed to assault them and take the ground, after an attack which people do in real wars. they just pull more stuff out of storage and fix their lines,

    It’s a good thing nobody’s life depends on it , like nobody is in a hurry or anything.
    Oh wait a minute, yeah Gaddafi’s killers are murdering hundreds of civilians every day, my some days it hits the thousand mark.
    Ah but so long as NATO is looking like they are protecting civilian casualties by keeping the two sides from fighting, then everything is hunky dory.

    They should print on the flyers
    “Ha ha gotcha! We cried Wolf again! Made ya look, ya dirty crook!”

    Oh yeah, they showed them again!

    I’ve seriously lost track of how long they have been threatening Gaddafi with the helicopters, yeah they used them few times but nothing near the usage they could get out of them as war machines – only very limited for very high value targets behind the front lines and deliberately not much use to the NLA – which is the intent.
    How abut dropping Snoopy dog dolls on the front lines? -they would be just as useful and be taken just as seriously.
    “Nato insists it is taking an active role, but Misrata’s rebels say the alliance’s current level of engagement will not be enough to save Zlitan’s population.

    Zuwawi, a judge, said that the National Transitional Council (the rebel government) was surprised at the delay, adding that Nato needs to apply UN resolution 1973, authorizing the use of force to protect Libyan civilians, he added.

    In the village of Dafniya, the western-most point of Misrata’s frontline, rebels and civilians on Wednesday said they were baffled that Nato had not followed up on its threats, given the overnight shelling by Gaddafi’s forces.

    “No Nato,” said Mohammed, the 14-year-old son of a Dafniya rebel fighter drinking tea behind one of the giant sand berms that shield rebel positions from sniper fire. “Where is Nato?”
    Source- Chris Stephen for The Guardian”

    Nothing is going to help. NATO will not change , there is either politics or bureaucracy in charge.
    So that’s it! The slow horror show is doomed to play out and at the end a victory of gloom of shards and shreds and legions of the disappeared.


  3. h says:

    Zlitan is now much like Brega- a border town that is filled with pro-Gaddafi forces. NATO should have two aircraft carriers full of attack helicopters- one aircraft carrier (the french Tonnerre with it’s gazelles and tigres) right off the coast of Brega, and another aircraft carrier (the british HMS Ocean with it’s apaches) right off the coast of Zlitan. Britain also needs to put more attack helicopters onto the 200-meter HMS Ocean, because they have enough space; right now it’s only carrying four, in contrast to the 200-meter french ship which is carrying 12. From there, they could just use those helicopters to regularly and concurrently pound the shit out of the pro-Gaddafi forces in those 2 nearby towns.

  4. James Miller says:

    If they just used the helicopters they have or even one of them with it’s 16 hellfire missiles on just one run, it would probably make the difference.

    NATO wants to get rid of Gaddafi but obviously they don’t want the NLA and NTC in Tripoli.

    So I wonder who they really do want to install in Tripoli? John Cleese?
    … and now for something completely different…

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