Map: The situation in the Nafusa Mountains, June 28

This map shows the latest situation in the Nafusa Mountains, many thanks to 4adam

Please click on the image to see the full size.

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  1. patriot says:

    Ethnic Cleansing of Black Libyans

    26 June 2011 — Global Research – Black Star News – 2011-06-21 Black Star News Editorial

    The ‘rebels’ in Misrata in Libya have driven out the entire Black population of the city, according to a chilling story in The Wall Street Journal today under the headline ‘Libya City Torn by Tribal Feud.’

    The ‘rebels’ now eye the city of Tawergha, 25 miles away, and vow to cleanse it of all Black people once they seize the city. Isn’t this the perfect definition of the term ‘genocide’?

    According to The Journal’s article, the ‘rebels’ refer to themselves as ‘the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.’ The Journal quotes a rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous saying, of Black Libyans, ‘They should pack up,’ and that ‘Tawergha no longer exists, only Mistrata.’

    You won’t read this kind of article in The New York Times, which has become as journalistically corrupt and as compromised as the old PRAVDA, during the Soviet era. This editorial page has been insisting since the beginning of the Libya conflict that the ‘rebels’ embraced racism and used the allegation that Muammar al-Quathafi had employed mercenaries from other African countries as a pretext to massacre Black Libyans.

    The evidence of public lynching of Black people are readily available online through simple Google or YouTube searches, even though The New York Times has completely ignored this major story. Does anyone believe that if people of African descent controlled the editorials in The New York Times or even the news pages that such a huge and damning story would be ignored?

    If the case were reversed and Black Libyans were committing ethnic cleansing against non-Black Libyans, does anyone believe that the people who now control the editorials or the news pages at The New York Times would ignore such a story? Evidently, it doesn’t much bother the sages at The Times that Black Libyans and specifically being targeted for liquidation because of their skin color.

    Instead The New York Times is busy, as in a recent editorial boasting of its support for NATO’s bombing campaign, which this week alone is reported to have killed 20 civilians. The Times has also ignored Rep. Dennis Kucinich’s call that the International Criminal Court (ICC) investigate NATO commanders on possible war crimes in connection to Libyan civilians killed.

    The Times can’t write about the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans and migrants from other African countries because it would diminish the reputation of the ‘rebels’ who the Times have fully embraced, even after the ICC also reported that they have committed war crimes. Instead, the Times is comfortable with the simplistic narrative: ‘al-Quathafi bad,’ and ‘rebels good,’ regardless of the fact that The Wall Street Journal also reported that the rebels are being trained by former al-Qaeda leaders who were released from U.S. custody on Guantanamo Bay.

    The Times also has totally ignored the African Union (AU) peace plan, which actually calls for a ceasefire, negotiations for a constitution, and democratic elections, all to be monitored by the International community.

    So what can one say about the Times for ignoring the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans by the ‘rebels’ in Mistrata, with the help of NATO? Does this make The New York Times culpable of the ethnic cleansing, since the newspaper not only deliberately ignores the story, but also falsely depicts the ‘rebels’ as Libya’s saviors?

    Call The New York Times at (212) 556-1234 and ask for the Foreign Desk editor–ask him why his newspaper is not reporting on the ethnic cleansing of Black Libyans.

    ‘Speaking Truth To Empower.’

    • sarcastical says:

      This damage control try would be more successful if it would be on topic, you know?

    • Libya says:

      What about a research with this title – Ethnic Cleansing of non-Black Libyans by Qaddafi.

      I did not even want to wast my time reading your post except for the title.

      • Fredy says:

        Why should we read? we already know what we are doing.
        That oil is ours!
        They fight amongst themselves and we take the oil, that is the beauty of it.

    • Free Jadou says:

      patriot, what does your mumble-jumble here have to do with the Nafousa Mountains, or with the Libyan Berbers living there? You picked the wrong article to post your rubbish…

    • Fredy says:

      patriot doesn’t know this site was created specifically to promote this war. He is in a wrong place.

      War is business and business is good!

    • Fredy says:

      we don’t care about the atrocities done by our people, UN belongs to us, we are the ones paying most of the contributions. Why should it favour other side?
      UN was built by us for us!

  2. Libya Friend says:

    Mhh looks good. Siege of Zintan, Yefren and Kikla clearly broken. Rebels on the advance towards Gharyan and Aziziya. But still … the situation around Nalut and Wazzin is scary. The Khadaffi forces are in my opinion still WAY TO CLOSE to the border crossing.

    If I was a rebel commander I would try to take Tiji and Ghezya to firmly secure the border before advancing towards Tripoli.

  3. Fredy says:

    The enemy is surrounded more and more by the revolutionaries.
    What a beautiful map.
    Thanks 4Adam

  4. Fredy says:

    Did the wall street journal accuse the people of Misrata of ethnic cleansing
    patriot ?

    It’s propaganda. You don’t care about blacks anyway. I saw some of the black families that left Misrata when they arrived on Benghazi.

    They were happy. Misrata is dangerous.

  5. andre romani says:


    • Patriot says:

      The money has been transfered to your account.

      • patriot says:

        admin. This is a formal complaint on the above post pretending to be me. This reminds me of scenario in SYRIA where mercenaries fired at protestors pretemding to be police in order to instigate chaos and bloodshed.

        • Patriot says:

          Make up your mind. You told me to take over the propoganda on this site and I enlisted andre to join in.

          • Patriot says:

            Hey guys, are you also getting paid in Libyan Dinar ? I Signed for good US dollard and all i’m getting is that monkey paper.

          • Fredy says:

            Patriot you like kidding.
            You are stupid to post for free. I have retired my work as dentist and the coalition is paying well!

            Even in my retirement I am getting paid!

  6. Fredy says:

    patriot what side are you on ?
    Go back to your apt. in Harlem.

  7. Fredy says:

    Thanks admin for this great map and lets hope you can update it tomorrow.
    Fun Guerrillas was doing excellent research work . I hope he comes back.

  8. francesca_fr says:

    First, I agree, editors should be more careful with placenames. This kind of mistake (Misrata front) is confusing. I often use Google Earth in parallel so I can see better the places referred to.
    Although this article does not seem to be the most appropriate place to talk about possible “ethnic cleansing”, i.e. targeting of black-skinned Libyans, I would like to add my grain of salt. Sure, it would be a very serious charge if there was any truth in it. I just viewed the video by Zeina Khodr (Al Jazeera) and in it I saw I think two different dark skinned men, who seemed quite relaxed amongst other lighter skinned people, having a smoke in a public place. Didn’t seem in any way threatened. OK this was in Benghazi, not Misrata…
    By the way, where is the border line between “light” and “dark” Libyan? Is it tribal, or just skin tone? Is the young woman on the photo captioned “fleeing from violence” a black Libyan??

  9. patriot says:

    I have always talked about double standard in this World we live in. Its stupid to see UN turning a blind eye on acrocities being performed by NATO and its allies. UN has proved its just a tool of Imperialists in reaching their agendas.

    I see the same pattern here, you as admin are turning blind eye to some stupid person within the forum using my post name to post. If you have decided to set precedence for all of us to use each others names to Slander then be it!

    You will shout when someone else who is not in your “group” uses someone else name but sit back and relax when someone with opposite views to yours name is used.

    This will be my last complaint to you. Sit back relax and watch…

    • patriot says:

      because I love Gidaffi when he gives reach around and when he puts it in it not hurt because he so small

      • Fredy says:

        I posted the above comment. I am having so much fun with this name patriot. Posting and replying to myself.
        At times I wish it was patriot saying those words but it doesn’t matter when I read I feel happy though its me who is writing them.

        I need help guys help me, I am obsessed with patriot! I don’t know what to do, he always tells the truth and I have no other way of fighting the truth.


    • Fredy says:

      I masturbate whenever Hillary Clinton is talking about war. I love her and Sarkozy.
      Sarkozy was my patient long time back and i sucked him really nice!

  10. Fredy says:

    Hi patriot you are trying to impersonate me son a bitch.
    By now people here know who you are. You are proving to be a sociopath asshole.
    patriot you are a coward.
    patriot you are a coward.
    You are guilty.
    There is so much bullshit posted under my name here today. Some people use the internet , others abuse it.
    I could do you a root canal patriot. would you like that ?
    It does not hurt. You are going to love how I file your canals. Psycho.
    I would like to do your wife patriot.

    • patriot says:

      What are you talking about you wanker?
      You have been impersonating me and are crying crocodile tears. Fuck off!

  11. francesca_fr says:

    These slanging matches and exchanges of insults are pathetic. The Libyan people deserve better than that. This site has helped folk like me, i.e. with no “invested interest” in Libya otherwise than the desire to see a free and happy people, but it doesn’t help to read through some of these idiotic posts. So can we have serious comment please, and can someone answer my questions about black, brown and nearly white Libyans and if there is really any targeting?

  12. admin says:

    I am stoned.

  13. patriot says:

    I am a great actor . I can pretend I am Fredy. Then I will get him annoyed with me and hopefully he will impersonate me and then I will make a formal complaint against him and I will get him out of here. I will even pretend I am admin. Nobody can prove I did it. I will just deny it if Fredy accuses me . I will get a little excited to make it look real.

    I am so powerful and smart. I am patriot the real man.Nobody can beat me because I am power really powerful. But I am quiet .

    • Fredy says:

      I posted the above comment. I am having so much fun with this name patriot. Posting and replying to myself.
      At times I wish it was patriot saying those words but it doesn’t matter when I read I feel happy though its me who is writing them.

      I need help guys help me, I am obsessed with patriot! I don’t know what to do, he always tells the truth and I have no other way of fighting the truth.
      sob sob sob…

  14. patriot says:

    my sense of humor and humility is unique. I have a lot of fun placing the smiling faces . So I can play with them and burst them in laughter or anger.


    This is your conscience patriot go to sleep SOB.
    You are obsessed with destroying Fredy.

    Wait until tomorrow.

    • Fredy says:

      I posted the above comment. I am having so much fun with this name patriot. Posting and replying to myself.
      At times I wish it was patriot saying those words but it doesn’t matter when I read I feel happy though its me who is writing them.

      I need help guys help me, I am obsessed with patriot! I don’t know what to do, he always tells the truth and I have no other way of fighting the truth.

  15. francesca_fr says:

    Wow, I guess some people have as their strategy to use insults to make others just abandon the comments section and maybe the site and the whole issue, and then just turn to thinking about their summer holiday rather than the fate of the Libyan people. My feeling is that there are thousands of ordinary citizens of the world following as closely as we can this situation, in spite of all the limitations of media choices, political pressures, NATO filters etc etc, so your strategy won’t work.
    I repeat my request for serious info/comment on “racial issues” in Libyan society.

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