Misrata rebel leader appeals to Nato to save neighbouring town

The Guardian Chris Stephen – The leader of the besieged Libyan rebel city of Misrata has appealed to Nato to save the inhabitants of a neighbouring town facing annihilation from government forces.

Sheikh Khalifa Zuwawi, chairman of Misrata council, made the appeal through the Guardian on Wednesday after reports that Muammar Gaddafi had demanded that rebel-held areas of Zlitan, 30 miles west of Misrata, surrender or face destruction.

Zlitan’s uprising began on Friday with battles around the town’s hospital, but sources in Misrata say the rebels are now pinned into one district under heavy artillery fire.

Photographers who got to within four miles of Zlitan on Tuesday took pictures of government rockets exploding in the town.

The GuardianMisrata’s rebel forces say that without heavy weapons or Nato support they are powerless to break through a fortified ring around the town and save residents.

“As you know our forces could not get into Zlitan,” said Zuwawi. “We need Nato help. We are very surprised because Nato has delayed to bomb the grad [rocket artillery] forces.”

Zlitan lies along the coastal highway from Misrata, about 100 miles east of Tripoli, and rebel commanders say its capture would open the road to the capital.

But they face formidable foes in the shape of the elite 32nd brigade, controlled by Gaddafi’s son Khamis, which has made Zlitan its headquarters.

On Tuesday rebel forces in Misrata pushed their frontline forwards five miles to try and relieve Zlitan, coming under fire from machine guns and rockets. But they pulled back after Nato, unaware of the advance, dropped leaflets on the area threatening pro-Gaddafi forces with destruction from Apache helicopters if they continued attacks on civilians. The Nato attacks have yet to materialise despite pro-Gaddafi forces bombarding Zlitan and Misrata late on Tuesday.

Nato insists it is taking an active role, but Misrata’s rebels say the alliance’s current level of engagement will not be enough to save Zlitan’s population.

Zuwawi, a judge, said that the National Transitional Council (the rebel government) was surprised at the delay, adding that Nato needs to apply UN resolution 1973, authorising the use of force to protect Libyan civilians, he added.

In the village of Dafniya, the western-most point of Misrata’s frontline, rebels and civilians on Wednesday said they were baffled that Nato had not followed up on its threats, given the overnight shelling by Gaddafi’s forces.

“No Nato,” said Mohammed, the 14-year-old son of a Dafniya rebel fighter drinking tea behind one of the giant sand berms that shield rebel positions from sniper fire. “Where is Nato?”

Source: The Guardian

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13 Responses to Misrata rebel leader appeals to Nato to save neighbouring town

  1. cartographer says:

    No doubt about it, our beloved Libya has turned into a simmering, festering pot of mayhem and destruction because the tyrant is being allowed to dictate the terms of engagement, where and when. Is NATO so weak that it cannot strike a final blow at his marauding forces? Just two or three waves of Apaches and the tyrant will be heading for Tripoli International Airport the same day. Or isnt that part of the deal I wonder?

  2. Fredy says:

    NTC you must take the lead. Nato is not in command of the war in Libya . They are on time to strike their preferred targets. But they are late to strike in towns like Zliten that are heavily armed by Mr. G .

    NTC is time you buy weapons for your fighters. You should take a more active role on the war. I don’t think is all up to the military commanders. You must take the lead in Libya’s war. Leave Nato a second role. If the Nafussa Mountain men could do it so can the rest of the Freedom Fighters.

    But your role NTC is being questioned now that the NLA fighters want to push forward and you cannot provide them heavy artillery. Don’t expect anything from Nato. Take what you get from them and decide the future of the war in Libya.

    • ankhwashitaw says:

      Oh no, not complaining about the petrified council are you…..

      I told you long time ago….You got to make those puppets talk publicly about the shyyyttttt Gaddaffi did when they were the to shame and make Gaddaffis frontline soldiers drop their weapons….If they operte on some type of misplaced prifde, but know absolutely that that will never be restored under Gaddaffi, they will fold. Yet, the NTC council members sit around wearing Gadaffi uniforms training new recruits with Gaddaffi methodologies………Jacka-sses , and someone said blind faith…..My a-ss, my eye, my foot….,..Protest that fu-cking jack leg council. They have Gaddaffi’s personality. He’s an a-ss.

  3. cartographer says:

    Just what I’ve been saying!! Come on NATO let’s know whats going on please, this fiasco has lasted too long. I esp like the closing sentence of the report below which says the electricity and the air conditioning at Maison
    Gaddafi seems to be working perfectly well, for a “rat who is running for his life”!!!!!


  4. Libya Friend says:

    NATO is not doing wel in Libya I must say. The NLA could have taken Brega weeks ago if NATO bombarded the sh*t out of Ghadaffi’s armed brigades. Same in the Nafusa Mountains: FF could be in Gharyan right now if NATO took out the GRAD’s earlier. Same in Zliten. If NATO deployed military power yesterday, the FF could be in Zliten right now searching for Khamis. But NATO didn’t …. no …. they preferred to bomb some storages in Tripoli and some ammuntion depo’s in Fezzan …. DAYS RIDE from the frontlines! Sometimes I do really think NATO doesn’t want this war to end…

    • ankhwashitaw says:

      It seems that the so called nla has very littleintellience capabity, and that could only be explained by a lack of trust betwixt the commanders…….. would say deservedly so……You want this war well prosecuted and ended. It’s going to be the ideas exchanged riht here on these pages….You have to make th politicians offers they can’t refuse in order for them to get the army moving, same as the international bankers are apparently doing….I’d also say, that because the various revolutions are really so closely related, it is a major oversight that this sight, and the council seems to almost totaalyy ignore the others. Again,, I look at the plight of black america, and if a black american says it’s okay for Gaddaffi to kill his own eople, why would anyone care about a black american being killed. The same goes for a Libyan thatb doesn’t care about a Yemeni. You must by now be coming to the realization that all the biases you currently carry against each other and us, were purposefully constucted to create mechanisms o controlling the respective populations…….If not you’re stoopid, and were going to have to wait fo your children to grow up in order to have real revolution.

  5. Fredy says:

    We are all making here the same mistake. We are saying Nato is not performing to it’s full capacity and we expect they will. They won’t.

    We just got to stay cool. Nato is not going anywhere soon. They’re into Libya.
    They are the military experts not us.

    But on Libya’s ground the Rebels command at the expense of everything they own in the world. And their performance has been admired , praised and supported by the international community.

    We just got to trust the rebels. And accept what Nato provides. And lets push Nato.

    The war is on the west side of Libya and we are moving towards Tripoli steadily. Despite what the enemy says. We are winning.

    Go Rebels.

    • ankhwashitaw says:

      You’re making the mistake of assuming that in this day and age, a high ranking military expert isn’t also a political dweeb. They have to be pushed and cajoled just as severly from the direction of the people they serve, as they are by the politicians that serve the interest of big business………….Choose a side and stay on it wouldya……….

  6. ankhwashitaw says:

    ziltan…………………..rounds coming downrange………………how about moving out from misirata and taking the muthabucka alltogether……….Have you killed your Gaddaffi soldier today………..And those targets they’re shooting at in the picture look way the f-uck to far away for any effectiveness. Looks like a waste of ammo………..Take off the cute shhyyyttt, get some sand colored blankets for cam,oflauge, and o get those muthabuckas during the night………..What the f-uck is going on……………………

    • ankhwashitaw says:

      I knew a lot what was being said in the video intuitively, but you don’t deal with that by shelling the general populus……….There aren’t any ange;s here, includinghe refugees………….

  7. Fredy says:

    Ankh why don’t you never question Patriot’s position.
    Maybe you two are pro -what I ask my self ?
    Maybe you go for,,,,,,,,, Al what ?
    Al Qaeda ?

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