The story of Zawiya, as told by witnesses who left Libya on May 27th

With thanks to Thanku4theAnger.


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  1. Fredy says:

    This story goes to show the willingness of the people of Zawiya to oppose Mad-dafi after they learned he had attacked Benghazi. They even refused to support him after Mad- dafi offered 200,000 dinars to each family. The people of Zawiya showed the same character of all Libyans fighting Mad-dafi. They were strong in holding back the Al Khamis brigade for almost 3 weeks.

  2. Michal says:

    That was an interesting story, I think it just goes to show how determined the Libyan people are. Thank you for that.

    • patriot says:

      Piece of propaganda:

      “Gaddafi sent Sabrathas Khweldi AlHmedi brigade” –
      A brigade shooting at people sleeping in the open and killing only 3 people!! Who are you kidding?

      “Weapons began to be distributed. Freedom Fighters had to swear over the Quran to fight till thelast.” –
      Yap, this is how people were coersed into fighting their own government. You had to swear!

      “The next day, Friday 25th Feb 2011, after Friday prayers, Zawiya protesters headed via Jamal AbdelNasser St (which cuts through Zawiya heading to Tripoli) to join the protesters in Tripoli withoutweapons” –
      Who are you kidding??!!! One day you distribute weapons and make people swear and next day you are doing a peaceful demonstration?

      Tell these lies to STUPID people like WEB (Wacky Evil Bullshitter)

  3. Fredy says:

    Michal , don’t fall for patriot. He not the type of friend that always agrees with us but he respects our views and expresses his honest views without offending.

    I know you patriot !

  4. Fredy says:

    But patriot does not want to accept the bravery the Libyan citizens have shown in the fight against Mad dafi. Nato prevented a major bloodshed in Benghazi.
    That’s a fact.

    So this story is not the main story . There are many stories like this one.

    Right Patriot ?

    Be honest Patriot.

  5. Tripoli says:

    To patriot:

    If you are not Libyan, then please do not visit this site and stay in your fucking country. We do not want to hear from you and your fucking Daffy.

    If you are a Libyan then you have to accept that the majority of Libyans reject Daffy and if there was election in Libya, he would never win one. So your fucking monkey will lose. Sadly his supporters do not understand rejection and accept reality. So they have decided to take up arms and kill Libyans because they have rejected this man. Those people are fighting a losing battle. And you are fucked up like them.

    • patriot says:

      Tripoli, if you were the majority you would not need NATO.

      The majority of Libyans support their government.

  6. Fredy says:

    Tripoli , I think if patriot had some feelings for the rebels he would not show it because of his deep hatred against the US. He’s got his own reasons.

    But like you say Tripoli this website is about Libya and the revolution.

    • WEB says:

      “Tripoli , I think if patriot had some feelings for the rebels he would not show it because of his deep hatred against the US. He’s got his own reasons.”

      If you and parrot want to gang up on me and call me a bunch of names that’s fine, but I’ve got to call bull shit on this one. parrot doesn’t do anything based on “reasons.” He just dumps propaganda on the rebels and the West. He advances no credible “reasons” for it. You’re just covering for him because he’s your friend. If you had half a brain (or any integrity), you would just stick to teaming up on me and not actually trying to justify his lies.

      • patriot says:

        I hate Imperialists and I hate people who support the Imperialists. Most of Western people have been brainwashed into believing whatever their corporate led governments are telling them.

        Even when Obama fought without seeking consent of Senate as required by the law the people are quiet. Its this support for opression at any cost even breaking rules that really pisses me off.

        There are many people in the West who understand and wish to change what their governments are doing but they are powerless.

        • WEB says:

          Even if you think you have any “reasons”, you actually don’t. You live in the West, but you hate the West. So you support the West, but you hate the West. That is not the way an adult’s mind works. You’re just an idiot.

          • patriot says:

            You live in the West, but you hate the West.

            Mr stereotyping you think you can classify everyone. When did I say where I live for you to start your stereotyping?

            Those are your thoughts and assumptions. You need me to be living in the West for your stupid argument to be uttered in the first place…

            WEB, you are the stupidiest of all the people I discuss issues with.

          • WEB says:

            You ask questions, issue more stupid comments, but still dodge the question of: what is your nationality? You live in the very country you say you hate. You are a joke. As for stupidity, since you are extremely stupid, your calling me stupid is just you copying what people call you and repeating it back because you are too stupid to come up with anything original.

          • patriot says:

            Nationality Obsession 🙂
            You are too stupid to move onto the ideas being discussed and are stuck with my nationality…lol!

          • WEB says:

            You still don’t admit what your nationality is. You are a coward.

            You live in a country you denounce, but you will not leave. Your words are empty.

          • patriot says:

            My nationality is none of your business.

  7. Fredy says:

    Patriot this is not propaganda, this briefing is a chapter of the Libyan Revolution.

    It sounds too good to you ? It is.

    I did not know Libyans like I know them now. They are capable of more. So patriot don’t be surprised by the bravery of the people from Libya. They will surprise you more and more. I think you said patriot. That people were more powerful than Nato’s weapons. 42 years of tyranny with all kinds of fancy evil stuff did not stop the Libyans from engaging Mad affi.

    The magic thing that perhaps did the trick was for the young Libyans to see that Egypt and Tunisia could change their ruler. But like one young Libyan said . He was afraid of how Gaddafi would respond to their demonstration. He found out it was worse than all his fears.

    Amazing , is it not ?

    • patriot says:

      You mean he found NATO to be strong? I know you wish it was the people fighting but its the other way around. This war is fought by NATO with puppets. NATO tries to use all sort of propaganda to get more people join in their war including dropping leaflets, taking over frequencies, etc

      What happened in Egypt and Tunisia is not what is happening in Libya. In this case you have civil war that has NATO on one side.

  8. Free Azzawia says:

    It’s not over in Azzawia, the time will come when the people will once against rise up against Kadafi. It’s only a matter of time. The destruction that was created by Kadafi’s tanks shelling the centre of the city is not something the people will forget. Justice will be served and Azzawia, like Yefren, and Misrata, and Ajdabia, and Benghazi, will be free from the forced grip of this lunatic tyrant.

  9. Fredy says:

    Free Azzawia, do you think Nato or the ICC will influence the way justice is done in Libya ?

  10. Simon Hoare says:

    People of Zawiya

    Though I never knew you
    I felt I could hear your screams
    I wish I could have helped you
    You just wanted to be free

    I was useless to you – just useless
    You fought so bravely…….
    But the world had already let you down
    A long time before

    Though in the end you had to submit
    You fought ugliness with beauty
    Because you were right
    And they were wrong

    And though they tried to cover your dead bodies with sand
    They can never wash the blood from their hands
    And they can never be beautiful like you
    Because you were fighting for the truth

    You were fighting to be free
    Fighting to speak your minds
    Fighting so bravely for this ‘til you died
    And I was just useless, I just cried

    But you will always be remembered as heroes
    And no matter what lies they tell
    They will always be remembered as liars, murderers and thugs
    And you will always be remembered as the true and good people of Zawiya

    May 4 2011

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