Turkish military rations found in Gaddafi bases

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports on a discovery made that could reveal how Gaddafi is managing to feed his frontline troops.

Turkish military rations were found in three bases used by Gaddafi forces in the Nafusa Mountains region. Some of the ration packs are dated as having been manufactured in March, 2011. All rations were produced by the same firm. They are military style “heat in the bag” rations in foil paper, known as MRE, or Meals Ready (to) Eat in the US.

Here are two pictures taken by Bays. The second pack was manufactured in 2010. Please click on the images for their full size.

According to a leading legal expert, this could be a breach of UN resolution 1970.

“While Gaddafi troops are bombed by #NATO, food produced by one NATO ally is feeding them,” James Bays writes on twitter. “I have seen UN food aid many times – it is usually clearly marked as such. This is produced by company that specialises in military rations.”

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27 Responses to Turkish military rations found in Gaddafi bases

  1. JoeBlow says:

    They could have been sold and brought in the backdoor. But in reality the person who authorized the sale knew where it was going. He/she doesn’t care about girdafi, doesn’t care about the FF, doesn’t care about human life. He/she just wanted the money. Wipe the blood off your hands and enjoy you mammom now, it will do you no good once you reach hell.

  2. Lennny says:

    Hmmmm, interesting to note that Turkey opposed the NATO intervention, wonder if they were worried about evidence coming out of Libya that could implicate Erdogon’s regime in being in collusion with Gaddafi? IMHO, if it was manufactured in March of this year, that means whomever was involved with it had to go through great lengths to get it into Libya considering the airspace and sea blockade, and the FF control the eastern borders. The countries on the southern borders are mostly landlocked, so it leaves Algeria and Tunisia as being the most probable point of entry.

  3. Same Way as UN decides that Civilian in Gaddafi Strong-holds are lesser humans, and Ban imports to all their cities. Resulting in shortages in everything.

    But those in rebels-strong holds are superior: No sanctions, no Nightly Bombardments, ”free” money……. the list goes on. oh! Wait! you dance to their ”music”, so you think you are one of them!

    Same scenario, you complain Soldiers are given food from a UN member? Wow, you and the rebels really Must prefer the so called ”democracy” that means Bombing and killing your brothers.

    Allah be with you.
    A continent with 3/4 or all the worlds’ resources is UNDER DEVELOP, but the other 1/4 is Way rich! Make me much convinced that all sites are instruments for ”the spread”. – This is our problem as Africans, We love outsiders more than we love ourselves.

    • JoeBlow says:

      No, but now we know that you prefer to kill all the people that don’t agree to love and drop to thier knees for girdafi. And your problem as Africans is girdafi keeps paying for mercs to destroy your countries to put another murderer in charge like him.

  4. Fredy says:

    Thanks James Bays :

    I wondered many times how regime forces survived and we are just starting to learn.

    Does the fact that a Turkish Company sold the food to Maddafi means that the Turkish government is involved ?

    What is the Turkish Government Response ?

    • ADESC says:

      It was too good to be true to have Turkey as part of NATO don’t you think? Jeez… with those friends who wants enemies….!

  5. arglemcgee says:

    I’ve written to the rations supply company via email. (Their website was on the ration packaging, and it turns out they have a section of their website in English.) We’ll see what kind of reply I get!

  6. arglemcgee says:

    Here’s what I wrote to info@unifo.com.tr

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am writing regarding the military rations found on Gaddafi’s troops in Libya bearing the Unifo brand. (See the following two links.)



    One of these two packets shows a production date of March 2011. I would like to know if Unifo has sold these products to the Gaddafi regime directly, or if you know have knowledge of how they ended up in Libya.

    Thank you for your help.

    Yours faithfully,

  7. Zafer says:

    Really funny, since when does a food product mean that Turkish army is backing up tyranny. Is it the packaging style that led this conclusion? I am very impressed with the way some idiots put the pieces together. Only problem, exporting food products is still legitimate business , and this company exports its products all over middle east.

  8. Fredy says:

    arglemcgee, you made me laugh. Please keep us informed of the company’s response.

  9. pertev says:

    Real journalism exposes the dirty network, if you aren’t able to do that, then you don’t have enough proof ,and . Now based on this story, I can think of tens of reason why these rations found there, why nobody thinks maybe these had been actually rebel supplies ,then they were captured and taken by Gadhafi forces. This happens all the time, one tries to capture the other’s food or weapon supply. So I’d say don’t be so fast to draw a conclusion.

    • patriot says:

      Objective and logical thinking…
      Unfortunately many have one track mind.
      Even if they were bought from Turkey, there is no problem.

  10. JP says:

    Before pointing fingers to a nation or a company and bringing them down, first verify (like Petrev) sugest the route the packages took to arive at G. soldiers. It could indeed have been intercepted. Also it may very well not be likely that the factory directly sell’s their suplies to end users. 1 or more trading companies can be involved and they don’t have to be based in Turkey.

  11. Sakirt Avcisi says:

    These foods are produced in a firm which is called unifo.com.tr. I think that everyone can buy it from that firm by paying it’s fee. This firm is producing durable foods for armies. But on the other hand, the Turkish Islamic oriented government (Ak Parti) , it’s leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the secret head leader of this organization Fetullah Gülen who is living in America, are so disturbed about developments in Middle East. Because their New Ottoman dreams are getting lost by Western Powers and war comes to nearside, to Syria!

  12. Sakirt Avcisi Avcisi says:

    I need to make a few correction on what said sakirt avcisi.
    1- The company called unifo what you wrote is their website.
    2- They produce durable food for military ,but army is not the only customer. As they indicate on their website, they also sell their products to red crescent and red cross, and some others. Basically anyone who needs durable food.
    3- They can’t sell their products to anyone who pays for the price. For example, international treaties clearly ban Turkish companies do business with the ones in a country under UN embargo. Otherwise Turkey will be acting against UN embargo and there will be consequences for it.
    4- Ak parti and Fetullah Gulen is irrelevant to what is discussed here.
    5- It is highly debatable if western powers are doing this for the third world countries’ best or they are trying to access to the markets in which they don’t have fully or adequately control over.
    6- I am not a sakirt;)

    • Sakirt Avcisi says:

      Dear gerizekali, Sanırım sakirt avcisi nikim seni kızdırmış, hem basbakani hem de fetoşu buraya yazmam, batılılara şikayet etmem, seni derinden etkilemiş olmalı. O yüzden hemen savunmaya geçmişsin ama nafile. onların ne oldugunu tum avrupa biliyor artık. 😉 Neyse Serhat Erdoğan ‘ın sirketin aciklamalarini paylasmis. zaman ayirda oku. Beyinsiz senden başka herkes yazdiğim seyin firmanin websitesi adresi oldugunu anlamiştir, gelmiş bir de düzelteyim demiş mal. 🙂

    • Sakirt Avcisi says:

      Dear gerizekali, Sanırım sakirt avcisi nikim seni kızdırmış, hem basbakani hem de fetoşu buraya yazmam, batılılara şikayet etmem, seni derinden etkilemiş olmalı. O yüzden hemen savunmaya geçmişsin ama nafile. onların ne oldugunu tum avrupa biliyor artık. 😉 Birde utanmadan konuyla ilgisi yok demişsin. Libya bombalanmadan önce tayyip efendi atip tutmuyor muydu bombalayamazsınız diye. Noldu? Fransa geldi …. gitti. Neyse Serhat Erdoğan ‘ın sirketin aciklamalarini paylasmis. zaman ayirda oku. Beyinsiz senden başka herkes yazdiğim seyin firmanin websitesi adresi oldugunu anlamiştir, gelmiş bir de düzelteyim demiş mal. Sakirt olamayacak kadar kafan çalışmıyor belli. 🙂

      • Sakirt Avcisi Avcisi says:

        Dear genius, there is one thing I can’t understand, if Fetullah Gulen and Ak Parti are working against the west, why did the us issue a permanent resident status to Fetullah Gulen in american soil? The only thing I am defending against is your hatred throwing misleading information, making irrelevant connections between irrelevant persons and things. You may have your own ideas but don’t ever try to impose them on ppl who disagree with you. Keep asslickin’ you are good at that.

  13. ankhwashitaw says:

    Don’t they have lot numbers, let’s stop bullshyyttttinnng and track them, I bet they come from either Misirata or through the council…This is why I insistd that you didn’t trust Trkey with the landings at Misirata. This is also why you need to get your young men back as soon as possible…All those countries and people that are resistant to the removal of Gaddaffi, are waking up to what it means for them…………

  14. Serhat Erdoğan says:

    It looks the manufacturer firm UNIFO made a statement on its website under the “Kamuoyuna Duyuru” heading. UNIFO’s statement is briefly: “Our products are not military products, everyone can obtain these products all over the world. Our firm doesn’t have an agreement with Libya about food sale. Each year, millions of packed food is produced by our company, we don’t know what people do after buying these products from us. We are not able to track our products after selling them. These products can be resold by people who bought them from us.”

  15. Christine says:

    Unfortunately this does not prove much, but only raises questions for further investigation but what is important is that it has now been discovered and an intervention can now and should be acted upon – to figure out and disseminate how this exchange could have possibly occured.

  16. Sakirt Avcisi says:

    Ak parti(Recep Tayyip Erdoğan) and Fetullah Gulen are so related with these subjects, cause they are supporting Kaddafi before bombing Libya, like now their support to Beşşar Esad!

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a dreamer who wants to be pass to Presidential System and and become a President of Turkey in Topkapi Palace like Ottoman Padishahs!

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his ministers of foreign affairs of Turkey , Ahmet Davutoglu, have a dream of a union in the territory of former Ottoman Empire where Turkey will again have absolute power over those countries. (Libya, Syria, Iraq …etc)

    So that, in WikiLeaks unveiled cables Davutoglu is referred to as “exceptionally dangerous” and described as Neo-Ottoman fantasier!

  17. Sakirt Avcisi Avcisi says:

    Turkey wants to absolute power on Syria, Libya so how would it happen if it is backing up the dictators in these countries,I think you expect them simply to hand over their authorities to RTE? Don’t you think it would be easier to gain political dominance if you followed the main stream and supported the ppl there…try to make more sense, i can see you read a lot ,but you don’t understand what you are reading:)

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