Video: ICC: “Justice will be done in Libya”

Al Jazeera’s Sue Turton, reporting from Misurata, said the ICC judges’ decision to issue arrest warrants for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam and Abdullah al Senussi was news residents in the besieged city had been “desperately waiting to hear”.

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6 Responses to Video: ICC: “Justice will be done in Libya”

  1. What’s up with persia…Rise up persia……

  2. Fredy says:


    • Free Azzawia says:

      Fredy: International Law is a tricky situation, and I agree with you that ICC is not perfect – nor is any other bureaucratic institution for that matter.

      ICC is merely a peg in a system, one piece in a puzzle, and certainly not able to achieve anything by itself. It isn’t a one-stop shop, and certainly does not offer turn-key solutions.

      As you pointed out, it does not have a police-component to actually arrest or pursue people so it is entirely dependent on other agencies, for example Interpol, to assist with the actual arrests.

      As far as actual sentencing, the ICC has indicted 23 individuals to date and proceedings against 21 of these are ongoing. You are correct that it has yet to sentence anyone but this organization has less than 10 years in existence, and the wheels of justice are not exactly fast.

      Nevertheless, these individuals have been successfully arrested on ICC warrants and are behind bars awaiting trial…

      Fredy I am sorry for the abduction of your sons and hope that you were able to resolve it, however I can’t see what that has to do with ICC which specifically deals with other types of crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, and has nothing to do with custody or family matters.

  3. Fredy says:

    Thank You FA.

    If you get burned by the law you are going to understand more what I am saying.

    It’s more than tricky. It’s illegal.

    You’re too innocent FA. I was innocent like you until I got burned.
    Libya has been burned by it’s past and by it’s present. Their fate is theirs.
    What will the ICC do that the NLA ,the NTC and the people of
    Libya can’t do ?

    Libya never had anybody above the authority of Gaddafi to judge him wrong.
    The ICC did that favor to Libya. It’s something that supports their judgement of all the wrong done upon them.

    That’s all. What do you expect from this criminal mandate based on the history of the ICC in this type of cases.

    Nada. Zero.

  4. J. Shriner says:

    Hi Fredy. Hey, I don’t think that the proper way to go after G. is to turn over all this to others. The Provisional govt. plus the Provisional military need to have control of getting G. TO justice and as for Senussi, he just a volunteer to help the Freedom Fighters to proceed to victory. I see *no* benefit in ignoring that he’d offered the help if needed and join the liars and those that would subvert the Revolution by including someone like that and say justice is being done. Oh well…there goes the war…and thus, here comes WW3+4. Terrific. Not to mention that G. had an exile agreement that was almost instantly subverted. Why? To take control of the process, that’s why. I see all this as going nowhere good. Surprise me dear Libyan Freedom Fighters. Love, J. Shriner

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