Video: James Bays reports from Nafusa Mountains

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from the Nafusa Mountains. Heavy clashes are continuing near Nalut, which Gaddafi forces attacking from Al Ghazaya.

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17 Responses to Video: James Bays reports from Nafusa Mountains

  1. q says:

    Do you know why Gaddafi is so intent on attacking Nalut?
    It is because Nalut is between the Wazin border crossing and most of the Nafusa mountain towns (Zintan, Kikla, Yefren, etc.). Gaddafi is trying to cut off the Nafusa mountain towns from humanitarian aid from Tunisia, just as he tried to cut off Misrata by attacking the port.

    The Nafusa mountain rebels had better secure a safe corridor to Tunisia before making any further advance toward Tripoli. I suspect that the rebels know that, and that’s why they’re fighting vigorously in and around Nalut.

  2. Fredy says:

    Libya married their worst enemy called Maddafi.

  3. Fredy says:

    Thank you James Bays . You have been doing great work.

    ” The mountaineer said , we are defending our land,our honor,our wealth ”

    You bet.

    “The other FF said we are coming to Al Zaziya and we are going to pull your teeth out Kaddafi”

    If you can”t pull out Maddafi’s teeth I can advise you what you can do with his dirty teeth.

    I can’t because Patriot and the ICC would consider that unethical.

    • patriot says:

      Fredy you have become a comedian now…hahahahahha

      • V says:

        ANTI GADDAFI SONG! (Irish Rebel Song by The Paddyman)

      • F the SO called Patriot says:

        And you are a £uck wit……..

      • F the SO called Patriot says:

        And you are a pi$$y little £uck wit……..

      • Free Jadou says:

        Libyans are dying at the hands of Kadafi, all all you have to say is “hahahahahha”. ??

        I dare you to go to the Nalut, find the man who mentionned Kadafi’s teeth, and laught at him in his face. Go ahead, I dare you…

        not so funny now? it’s no laughing matter patriot. you are no patriot. you are nobody.

        • patriot says:

          Very fun statements coming from Fredy.
          Free Jadou, you are sick man. Who said all I can say is hahahahah. Are you stupid muthafuka? All you see is hahahaha? Are you blind?

          You think I am her to play dare game?! Grow up wanker! Mr Nobody, no brains!

  4. Fredy says:

    Sociopaths can make you feel like vomiting and then can make you laugh about it. Their God is evil.

    Patriot your are guilty. Like it or not.

  5. Fredy says:

    Hey Maddafi where are you mother fucker ?
    Is any Maddafi regime member here in this forum ?

    You are guilty to your dental pulp. Where it hurts like hell.

  6. Fredy says:

    Thanks for the anti-maddafi song Bee.

    Poca Koussa

    Your guilty patriot.

  7. V says:

    Do you know that there are supporters for every tyrant. It was reported and confirmed that Hitler was welcomed and supported by some French people when he entered France. It is is strange but sadly true. Patriot falls into this category of sick people.

  8. Fredy says:

    Hitler in my opinion was one of the scariest enemies the world has had. The interesting thing Hitler is that also killed his own people working close to him and he did not kill jewish children.

    Kaddafi and Hitler are both sociopaths. Charismatic Bastards. Sociopaths may have strong social skills and how they manipulate people.

    Patriot your are my victim .

    You are guilty.

    • patriot says:

      Fredy! 🙂

      I agree I am your victim. Happy
      Though I don’t know I am victim of what but I guess you think I am a victim of your abuses.

      Deep down you know all this is not about Gaddafi…

  9. Fredy says:

    You are guilty of supporting the Libyan Holocaust Patriot. You have rejoiced at images and stories of terror against innocent Libyan.

    You are my victim because I condemn you and I find you guilty of rejoicing for the death imposed by Gaddafi on thousands of Libyans.

    You are free to do whatever you want until you get onto our limits. Patriot you are on a Libyan website generating hatred and revolt.

    You are guilty so called Patriot.

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