Video: Live ammunition used against protesters

More footage of the demonstrations in Souq al Jumua on May 30th was put online. This video shows live ammunition used against protesters. While the video wasn’t taken by the Free Generation Movement itself, they do say it’s consistent with their own footage and reports.

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15 Responses to Video: Live ammunition used against protesters

  1. Fredy says:

    Were the news about protests in Tripoli a few days ago credible ?
    Well now they are. Maddafi is starting to shot at them. It’s scary and sad.

    But to all of us who were not sure if the Tripolitanians would support the rebel movement from the east ,confirms they are already fed up and they just can’t wait anymore.

    Is just a matter of time before the the guys from Tripoli start stealing the arms that belong them and fight back.

    How must they feel ?

    Is the Nato flyers and bombing campaign working ?

    No doubt.

    This guys are really brave. They guys from Tripoli revolted in the Maddafi regime headquarters for a third day in a row ! Maddafi’s sons couldn’t take it.

    Dirty rats !

  2. patriot says:

    Where is guerillaz map now? 🙂

  3. patriot says:

    Now check on Benghazi for more update…

    • Andy Mills says:

      “caller from Yefren says they can hear the battle is being waged on two”

      getting closer, they are coming to get you and the mad dog…..

      not long now….

    • Andy Mills says:

      Libyan oil minister confirms defection

      your fellow rats are now quickly leaving the sinking ship, care to join them?

  4. manaus says:

    I must say one thing: if Gaddafi loyalists are persistant like this “patriot”-“David” shithead then this war could run for couple of years… but justice & democracy will prevail.

    • WEB says:

      I think the war will only last some more months. Afterwards, there is the question of terrorism, but I don’t think the support for Gaddafi is deep, like it is for the Taliban in Afghanistan or for the Sunni Saddam loyalists in Iraq. There’s not much real basis for a deep loyalty to Gaddafi. It’s not based on religion, just one crook.

      As for shitheads like David and Patriot, there’s a strong chance they are not even Arab. I have asked Patriot on multiple occasions what country he hails from and his views on other issues and he dodges every time. It’s a big question mark whether he is an Islammic radical or just your run of the mill crackpot here in the West.

  5. Fredy says:

    Propaganda ?

    10:10 Reuters The giant portraits of Muammar Gaddafi that festoon much of Tripoli are nowhere to be found in the Souq al-Juma neighbourhood, where residents say the Libyan leader’s opponents clash with security forces every night. Gaddafi’s officials insist there is no unrest inside the capital, which has remained firmly under his control despite a rebellion mainly in the east of the country.

    Tickle me Elmo

  6. Fredy says:

    Where is guerillaz map now?

    To be continued……………………

  7. Fredy says:

    Patriot are you jewish ?

    That would explain everything.

    • WEB says:

      Wow, blatant bigotry towards Jews. You are pathetic. It’s like you are morphing into some crude stereotype of what you think Libyans are.

      Keep hemmoraging your credibility if you have any left.

    • Harald says:

      There is our Ghaddaffi loving troll again writing under the webname of other persons.
      The real Fredy is a decent person.
      You need to try better :).

      • WEB says:

        I thought so too last week, but this is the real Fredy. He’s not the sweet old man he once was a few weeks ago, and that sweet old man was not the sweet old man he appeared to be. He’s just totally off the rails now. He will launch a tirade into any direction and nobody knows which. His only consistency is that he’s against Gaddafi and for NATO airstrikes. Anything else is fair game.

  8. Adam Libye says:

    all of you dogs supporting terrorist and monkeys from bengazi will cry one day!

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