Video: Revolutionaries capture large munitions dump

Revolutionaries have found and captured a large munitions dump from Gaddafi forces near Zintan. Finding the collection of weapons depots there is being seen as a major victory for the revolutionaries as they edge closer to the capital, Tripoli. Al Jazeera’s Jonah Hull reports from the nearby town of Jadu.

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  1. Libya says:

    “I believe in my right to freedom, the right of my country to dignified life, and this faith is stronger than any weapon, and when one is fighting to rape and plunder, may stop the fight if his pockets were filled up, or if he got exhausted,

    But when he fights for his country, he goes to war to the end.
    Injustice makes the oppressed a hero.

    On the other hand, crimes, must make the heart of the person who committed them, tremble in fear, no matter how much he tries to hide it and demonstrate pride.

    If the gun breaks my my sowrd, the wrong/opression will never break my rights.

    This is the testimony of the martyrs Sheikh Omar Mukhtar when he was arrested by the Italian army in Libya. He was later hunged in public.

    If you have not watched the movie – The Lion of the Desert – then this is the time to watch it on this link for free

  2. Libya says:

    I was very happy when I heard this news this morning. I also heard on Aljazeera Arabic, that this weapons’ depot is the biggest storing military facility in Africa. I do not know how true is that. But NATO has bombed that place many times and apparently it is still full of weapons and ammunition.

    I am quite sure that Daffy is trembling and pissing in his pants on hearing this news. Please God, help us defeat him very soon and make it the most insulting and dirty end for him and all of his supporters. Ameen

  3. Fredy says:

    These are very good news from the Nafusa mountains. You guys confiscated tons of weapons. I’m happy for you. You are moving so well.

    It seems to me all the revolutionaries are focusing on safeguarding their towns. To remain in a defensive position instead of an offensive one sure saves lives in the short run but it will create a stalemate and the possible risk of Nato ground intervention.

    It will be much much harder for the people in Tripoli to achieve freedom all by themselves like the people of Benghazi,Misrata and the Nafussa mountains have. They are living with the enemy.

    The NTC has got to show leadership and decide when they want to get to Tripoli.

    The fighters from the Nafusa mountains are doing better than anyone else in my opinion. They can do it. The fight for Tripoli must be well planned before they move closer.

    When the battle gets to the outskirts of Tripoli we don’t want to see a situation like the one we have in Zliten.

    • Hadock says:

      The “Risk” of a NATO intervention ?

      There will be a huge food and medicine need after that and while lot of countries have the capacities to provide them, the western states, seems to be the only one willing to help the libyans.

      To this date, its hard to find a country saying NATO was a burden for them. Even in VietNam, while they damn them for being gone, everibody say that the south Vietnam has been corectly develloped by amercian while the north is still a mudhole. And koweit is sure apreciating that the nato forces saved them from the irak invasion.

  4. Fredy says:

    Libya are you a Libyan studying abroad ?

    Thank you for the link.

    I am not a Libyan and I have been next to my computer for 4 months watching the events unfold in Libya as if I was one of you.

    I like your posts.

    • Libya says:

      Hi Fredy, yes I am a Libyan who lives in UK. I used to study here. I also have been next to my computer since the uprising in Tunisia, Egypt then Libya, Yemen and Syria. The scenario in Syria will be quite similar to Libya I think….

      I hope you enjoy the movie. It is not the full story of Omar Mukhtar. There will be a new serious about his life since childhood. I think it will be broadcast in August. Before returning to Libya, he used to live in Chad for 10 years and took part in the fighting against the French invasion over there. I also do not know his full story properly. Also Daffy interfered in the making of the movie – the Lion of the Desert – he demanded that the King Idris Assanousi family connection to Omar Mukhtar and their involvement in liberating Libya to be omitted from the movie. He does not want Libyans to know this history. Also history books were not allowed in Libya during Daffy’s era. Only Daffy’s history was taught in schools and in book shops.

  5. Noha307 says:

    The reporter in the video describes two T-55 tanks (1:35) and an armored vehicle (1:42). Based on the video footage (1:08, 1:20), I think I’ve identified the armored vehicle as a ZSU-23-4. In the footage it would be the 2nd vehicle in the column of the 3 AFVs. (i.e. T-55, ZSU-23-4, T-55; evidence of the 3rd vehicle is the shape angled in a different direction from the one in front of it.)

    The reporter also incorrectly identified the ammo as 40mm, when it it was probably really 23mm. This caliber would fit both the ZU-23-2 the rebels use – normally on the backs of pickup trucks – and the captured AAA.

  6. German Aceituno says:

    yeah go rebels

  7. Free Jadou says:

    It’s great to see fresh reporting from Jadou!!! great news!

    What bothers me is how crappy the editors, in this case Aljazeera, are when proof reading the reporter’s scipt. At the beginning of this video clip the news anchor refers to Zintan as a town that is “close to the Nafousa Mountains” ??? That’s like saying London Bridge is “close” to the river Thames.
    Zintan is not merely “close” to the mountains, it’s on it.

    I believe what he ment to say was the town of Al-Qa’aa, which is where the ammunitions dump was sucessfully captured, is close to the Mountains.

    Call them minor typos, however the accumulation of these small distorsions can lead to misinformation and misinterpretation of events.

  8. Free Azzawia says:

    Here’s an update to the GROWING list of nations which have formally recogized Libya’s Transitional Council as the ONLY legitimate representative of Libya and all of its people, and declared that Kadafi has lost all legitimacy :

    1) France
    2) Qatar
    3) Maldives
    4) Italy
    5) Kuwait
    6) The Gambia
    7) Jordan
    8] Senegal
    9) United Kingdom
    10) Spain
    11) Australia
    12) UAE
    13) Germany
    14) Canada
    15) Panama
    16) Austria
    17) Latvia
    18) Denmark
    19) Malta
    20) Bulgaria
    21) Croacia

    Stay tuned, this list will soon increase as various nations are conducting proper due dilligenc before making their official declarations…

    Kadafi is clearly becoming more isolated everyday

  9. Fredy says:

    Libya I saw the movie Desert Lion. What a resemblance this movie has with the events taking place in Libya right now. I could not hold my tears and my anger many times. Professor Omar Mukhtar was played exemplarily by Anthony Queen.

    It seems like the Italian Fascists were insane for power. Their role model was England.

    Thanks Libya I just finished watching the movie and I appreciate your hospitality. I am surprised to learn you are in England. I am in the USA.

    These events did not happen so long ago. At the end it was King Idris who brought Independence to Libya. Gaddafi took your freedom. What I saw in the movie being perpetrated by the Italians is being executed now by a Libyan traitor. It hurts but it’s true.

    Professor Mukhtar started fighting the Italians when he was in his late forties. By the time he was caught he had fought the Fascists for 20 years. He was hanged with honor in front of his people at age 72.

    If Libyans lower their guard the shit may hit the fan again. Honor your heroes and your precious history. You guys have engaged many tyrants and pain has accompanied your people for generations.

    It was funny but the Italians in the movie sounded much like the Israelis today. It’s true.

    Thank you Libya for everything you explain to me about your history.

  10. James Miller says:

    Good move by the Nafusa FF .

    But a poor plan – started well they did a dawn surprise attack – I saw the video.
    But extremely short-sighted – they let the troops guarding the munitions escape with many of their vehicles.

    They should have funneled them into a “Kill Zone” and annihilated them and captured their vehicles and any artillery they were towing away. .

    You cant let the enemy escape, especially with their artillery, – not in this war. Those commanders need to learn to behave more like military leaders and be more aggressive, professional and ruthless.No modern professional general would have willingly let those forces and assets escape to be used again by Gaddafi.

  11. Fredy says:

    give them a break James

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