Video: Revolutionaries move closer to Tripoli

The BBC has been travelling with the revolutionaries to the frontlines of Misrata. Mark Doyle reports.

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7 Responses to Video: Revolutionaries move closer to Tripoli

  1. Free Jadou says:

    Again great video, but pathetic headlines by BBC, who ore the chief editors working on these stories??????????????????

    “The BBC has been travelling with the revolutionaries to the frontlines of Misrata. Mark Doyle reports.” ??????

    This video has NOTHING to do with Misrata? It was obviously been shot near Bir Ayyad at the edge of the Nafousa Mountains.

    Again, it’s a typo but serves no purpose and risks confusing people…

  2. James Miller says:

    The UK and NATO have finally revealed and announced their intentions to protect the security forces of the old regime.

    NATO and Gaddafi are just two dogs quarreling over the bone of Libya.
    They are using the people of Libya like a dirty foot mat.
    I hope the NLA gets to Tripoli before the UN. Any foreign boots on Libyan soil no matter who need to be shot and burned.
    FU NATO and UK!.

    And here for Libyans. Here’s help how to take care of Gaddafi as well as the foreign imperials s****bag crusaders.

    Details for David’s Tool Kit – A Citizen’s Guide to Taking Out Big Brother’s Heavy Weapons

    Review “Homemade thermite grenades, flame-throwers, smoke bombs, and the ultimate Molotov cocktail. Gil Scott-Heron used to say, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” but we all know that he was wrong — we’ve seen too many pictures of civilians armed with gasoline-filled soda bottles taking on tanks! Ragnar Benson explains how modern-day Davids can slay Goliath in his latest manual on making urban war.”
    This book shows how someone can effectively take out enemy tanks, apc’s, fighter aircraft, unarmored vehicles, helicopters, and artillery positions. It truly is a fascinating and interesting book to read. 223 pages

    Chapter 4 – A full section on Killing Tanks

    This book was written for just a situation such as Libya.

    I will host this book on file sharing.

    • Free Azzawia says:

      Without NATO’s direct support, Libya’s Freedom Fighters would have been cooked like dinner and Kadafi would have been ruling supreme in Libya.

      Dream on James with your David & Goliath stories…

      It would be comical to see you on top of your soap box today in Misrata or in Nalut and saying ” FU NATO and UK!.” Guess what kind of responce you would get?

  3. James Miller says:

    They are using the excuse that Baghdad was a failure because the Americans did not leave the security forces intact.

    That’s a LIE. Baghdad was a failure because the Americans did not GTFO!

    NATO and UK needs to do the job and GTFO. and give up your Imperialist plan of controlling the Freedom and democracy of Libya. If they have do that stupidity I hope they see Baghdad times a hundred. I hope they never stop seeing Baghdad. I hope they have a Baghdad that burns their brains out.

    God**** Imperialist M*****F*****S!

    Gaddafi, UK, NATO France all born from the same SATAN.

  4. Fredy says:

    I don’t have faith in England trying to help the NTC shape their government.
    They have never done a good job of helping anyone to establish their own government.

    We should take the best of them, not all of it is shitty.

    Free Azzawia there would have been a massacre in Ben

  5. James Miller says:

    England have become fascists and their fascist dog is NATO.
    After Libyans get rid of Gaddafi they have to get rid of the Imperialist fascist NATO countries. Every foreign boot that comes to claim Libya should be detached from it’s owner with the foot inside.

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