Video: Revolutionaries push forward to Zliten

Revolutionaries push towards the city of Zlitan – one of only three towns separating Misurata from the capital, Tripoli.

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4 Responses to Video: Revolutionaries push forward to Zliten

  1. canuck says:

    gaddifi and his followers MUST answer for their crimes. The world cannot alloow those murders to go into exile or freedom. I agree with punishment being passed out by the free Libian people.

  2. Fredy says:

    The freedom fighters are pushing back the enemy with one man , one truck, one machine gun mounted to a truck as a second man driving backwards on this video push back against Mad daffi forces.

    Maddafi is one charismatic bastard. He wants to prove he is sane enough to be playing chess while the rebels are after him. He wants to show he is in command. He will probably behave that way even with a rope around his neck. He will probably try and produce guilt on all of us than want him dead.

    Who cares about who won the chess match ?

    The rebels are going to chant ,sing and dance when he dies in punishment.

  3. Pimp my move says:

    Gaddafi opened with a daft f3?? but the intl chess federation president diligently undid his move. Then Gaddafi looks like “Whoa? Can’t see shiiit”. Maybe it’s the sunglasses or the board looked to rebel.

    you can watch more at

  4. Fredy says:

    Gaddafi said in one speech sometime ago “If his people did not love him he did not deserve to live ” in front of a large group of supporters.

    Gaddafi hates his people then.

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