Audio: In the valley, James Bays reports from Jadu

Al Jazeera’s James Bays reports from Jadu in the Nafusa Mountains.

In the valley (mp3)

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2 Responses to Audio: In the valley, James Bays reports from Jadu

  1. Younnes family has no honor.Younness stole it from them if you wnt to go by tribalist societal rules……..Who could trust a member of that family for a 1000 years………Even now, they are trying to cover up the truth of his criminality and in doing so, they callously and recklessly jeapordize more lives……….Dishonor will be he inheritance of all council and army members who use this endeavor for their own convenience……So it shall be written………..

  2. Fredy says:

    Thank you for your report James Bays :

    It’s good to know that the rebels are holding on to the town Takut and Qaseah that were the site for G troops to shell the rebels in control of the Tunisian border area. Now , the rebels have their backs safe, like James Bays explained it.

    I have a question. Did all the people who used to live in the town left by their own will or by force ?

    Thank You James, stay safe.

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