Map: The situation in Western Misrata

This map depicts the situation in Western Misrata, thanks to 4adam

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  1. patriot says:

    For all the admirable qualities of the American people – love of rock ‘n’ roll, deep-fried food, and hugely impractical cars, and ridiculous movies featuring numerous explosions – Americans are not the smartest. They are an easily confused lot.

    This is not their fault. The media is filled with repetitive pro-government propaganda, schools whitewash American history, and years of effective Madison Avenue advertising has made it impossible for them to judge what is true and what is BS. Not to mention the fact that signs of independent thinking prompt the issuance of prescriptions for brain-deadening anti-depressant narcotics.

    In such a situation, simple facts evaporate. Even members of the professional pundit class routinely cite the president’s role as “commander-in-chief of the army and the navy” as enunciated by the constitution as the source of his power to drop napalm on Vietnamese farmers, insert commandos into the Iranian desert and, on two occasions nearly three decades apart, blow up Colonel Gaddafi’s children.

    In reality, the president is commander-in-chief of nothing. The wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and elsewhere have no basis in US law.

    Ted Rall.

    • Hadock says:

      Sic : The media is filled with repetitive pro-government propaganda

      coming from the guy who post the same bullshit under every single article, its kind of ironic dont you think.

    • For all the admirable qualities of the American people – love of rock ‘n’ roll, deep-fried food, and hugely impractical cars, and ridiculous movies featuring numerous explosions – Americans are not the smartest. They are an easily confused lot…

      what exactly would you consider to be the admirable qualities patriot, I’d really like to know right about now………….

  2. LibyanFriend says:

    Looks good. If Suq-al-Thulatha has indeed fallen to rebel forcess and 500 soldiers from Benghazi arrived in Misrata, the possibillety of te fall of Zliten could become actual. However, I doubt Khamis Khadaffi will give up Zliten without a heavy fight, and the loyalists still have heavy armor and guns.

    I just hope the rebels are able to “hold” there gains this time. They have been in Niamah and even Suq-al-Thulatha before, but retreated under governement mortar fire. They need to push on now.

  3. el hutyl says:

    what about fighting to take zliten ? you’re not on holidays !

    • Richard From France says:

      It is not so simple… A premature offensive could result in a disastrous failure with many human losses. They need to first consolidate their positions, and second to get more strength, trained soldiers and armament.

  4. patriot says:

    Mercenaries and NATO will be defeated. You can’t do anything about it 🙂

    • Factscout says:

      So Gaddafi is going to invade Europe AND the US?
      Wow, he’s going to destroy all of NATO all by himself… oh it is to laugh… Gaddafi has lost Eastern Libya for good, that in itself is a defeat.

  5. patriot says:

    As has the war waged against the civilian population by NATO powers, including Libya’s former colonial master Italy, without pause even in the face of African Union peace proposals accepted by the Libyan government.

    Almost immediately exceeding even the broadest interpretation of the mandate granted by United Nations Resolution 1973 to protect Libyan civilians, NATO is deliberately and mercilessly executing a campaign to comprehensively impair the Libyan government’s ability to function in any capacity – including providing safety and services to its citizens – in a brutal attempt to convince the population that any alternatives, even the fragmentation of the country and foreign domination and occupation, are superior to continuing to resist an endless reign of terror from the skies.

    For the West, the cost of defiance, even of not outright capitulating or merely maintaining a semblance of independence, is death, destruction and the fatal wounding of the nation itself. Examples abound – the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq – with surely more to follow.


    • Dica says:

      Patry, what happened to your master? He seemed to have disepeared from the face of the earth and only speak by phone. It’s worring. Couldn’t he find a doctor to give him his botox shot or Saif is keeping him incomunicado?

  6. patriot says:

    This is the situation for African expatriate workers after Libyan forces had to withdraw to avoid NATO bombings,

    Those are the people supported by the West in the name of “humanitarian intervention”

  7. LibyaRevolution says:

    Smash em’.

  8. Libya says:

    Exclusive – Tragic stories of Libyan children – with English subtitles

  9. Factscout says:

    If they encircle the city and leave one way out for the Loyalist forces they may retreat. Maybe they should start offering the loyalists “We’ll say we killed you if you surrender so Gadaffi won’t punish your families.”

    • Richard From France says:

      Good idea. This kind of offer may help convince soldiers who are caught between their loyalty to Libyans and the threats of Kaddhafi.

      It may even turn out that most of the power of kaddhafi is based on fear. Removing this fear may prove very effective.

      In many instances, kaddhafi soldiers retreated, leaving to the rebels resources they could easily destroy, such as a gasoline station (recently). This could be a way for them to help the revolutionaries.

  10. Libya says:

    Hamza Namira – Insan – press cc for English subtitles

  11. Libya says:

    Hussein Zahawy – When Cultures talk in same language

  12. Up and at sleep…………Rounds coming downrange…………….Have you killed your Gaddaffi Soldier today………

    Speaking of which, Gaddaffi soldiers need a way to leave the field……there has to be a way for them to surrender without getting killed by their own force………On the leaflets and media, it can be listed he numbert of high officials that have quit Gaddaffi, how many have quit the revolution. Your failure isn’t on the ground. Your failure is in the media war. If the military official would address the failed military culture of the Gaddaffi regime, it would probably end 4 different revolutions. But it seems they were cowards when they worked for Gaddaffi, and remain so to this day……….GO get him, he’s on the move and realigning. Now is a great timeto catch him off balance……..

  13. patriot says:

    You are fools preaching democracy while killing your fellow Libyans…for what?! The level of stupid you have reached to allow foreigners to bomb your country to pieces is unfarthomable. You need to open your eyes and join your other brothers to remove the foreigners. 20 years of good life is US are like a cow that is being prepared for slaughter. WAKE UP!

    On May 10, New York Times writer Kareen Fahim headlined, “Killings and Rumors Unsettle a Libyan City,” saying: Bodies are showing up around Benghazi. “Three weeks ago, a traveler spotted (one) in farmland on the city’s outskirts, shot twice in the head with his hands and feet bound.” He disappeared the previous day after visiting a market. Days later, another one was also found, murdered the same way. “Masked, armed men had taken him from his home the night before, without giving a reason, his wife said.”

    Like many others, both killings are unsolved, and in rebel-held territory, investigations aren’t conducted in a climate of death squad justice. As a result, Benghazi residents are “paranoid,” wondering who’s next, and when lawless killings will stop.

    In fact, the entire city is unsettled, intimidated by rebel gangs rounding up suspected Gaddafi sympathizers. Unless stopped, “it will pose a (stiff) challenge to (insurgent leaders) trying to present a vision of a new country committed to the rule of law, while potentially undermining hopes for” peace and justice.

    For weeks without letup, episodes like the following have raged: In early May, “about a dozen men wearing balaclavas (ski masks) and carrying guns arrived at the house of Youssef al Tobouli in three pickup trucks.” A former prison guard, he defected and was at his store. “His terrified relatives called friends, and in the gunfight that followed, the room (he) shared with his wife and three children was destroyed by fire.”

    Numerous other attacks are reported. According to Benghazi Jalaa Hospital’s Dr. Omar Khalid, bodies of executed men show up regularly though no one knows if they were regime sympathizers. Some were shot. Others had their throats cut. They all came dead on arrival.

    Deadly episodes leave everyone gripped with fear. “Last week, rebel fighters in pickup trucks rushed to the city’s radio station,” suspecting Gaddafi loyalists inside. “Guns were fired, and a bystander was… killed…. This is a war of rumors,” said the station’s security guard. “People are very edgy” with good reason.

    Even defectors like Hussein Gaith turn up dead, his wife saying: “He didn’t have any enemies. He joined the revolution 20 days after it started.”

    Yet he was abducted and killed, showing signs he resisted. Until America intervened, Libya functioned normally. Now it’s the wild west, becoming the worst of what Iraqis and Afghans face daily, including deep poverty, unemployment, repression, and extreme violence, mostly affecting civilians.

    Oscar Wilde once called a “hypocrite (someone) who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity.”

    Twenty-eight months into his presidency, Obama mastered the art of duplicity, contemptuously calling imperial slaughter humanitarian intervention, using NATO and human “missiles” for regime change, no matter how many corpses it takes.

    • LibyanPride1 says:

      Do you ever have anything else to say why are you on here? “Patriot” is a funny word and very hypocritical in this case! hmm obviously you’re not a Libyan and have no clue as to how this dictator ruled or what he did! why don’t you brush up on facts before you comment on anything else thanks!
      Fatma. S

      • Factscout says:

        He’s a Gaddafi Patriot, as in he works for him, he also stupidly believes that everything in Libya will go back to “Normal” if NATO left, he fails to realize that nothing in Libya will ever be the same again.

        NATO leaving will only result in a permanent stalemate and that at BEST will leave Gaddafi controlling what he currently owns. It’ll be a North Korea\South Korea situation.

        Gaddafi has lost the hearts and Minds of many of the Libyan people, that’s never coming back.

  14. Above all else, beware friendly fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….as you get closer to your goals, there will be no room for heroes amongst the ex-gaddaffi syncophants……..Just be aware……………………..

    the fighters from Benghazi come to stalemate the misirata front for younis, and to get real freedom fighters killed no doubt…..This seems more theatre than revolution….whenever the main force gets involved. They cried for heavy weapons in the east. Did they bring them along, probably not…….Dig in on Ajdabiya, there’s something awfully simple abut the manuvers of the council…..

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