Tripoli Update with images of flyers dropped by NATO

Here is an update from Tripoli for Tuesday the 19th of July by the Free Generation Movement:

Tripoli based Katiba are filling up their trucks with fuel at a base in Ein Zara near Naser University. Convoy of 20 trucks seen entering base. Fuel shortage does not appear to be effecting the katiba.

Today, thousands of leaflets were dropped by NATO over residential areas in Tripoli.
Morale in the city has risen as a result and everyone is talking about it.
We have reports that leaflets were dropped over multiple districts including Ras Ahsan, Ben Ashour, and Janzour districts, but Free Generation Movement found these leaflets in Soug al Jomaa.

Below are the images:

Translation: “Stop killing the people of your country, you are killing your Libyan brothers and sisters.
One Libya, one people.”

“For your safety, abandon your posts and your equipment and return to your homes and your families.”

Translation: “Stop your attacks on Libyan civilians, or you will be at risk of destruction.”

“Warning …. You are not the equivalent of the superior weapons and air power of NATO, continued engagement will be the cause of your death.”

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23 Responses to Tripoli Update with images of flyers dropped by NATO

  1. Fredy says:

    Greetings FGM. Thanks for the News.

    Stay safe, best wishes..


  2. lol says:

    Who is winning?

    The US administration has promised to secure a safe haven for embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi if he agrees to step down and hand power over to the opposition.

    A promise from hypocrites? Who will take it? Or why should he take it? Its not their country and they have no right asking him to step down or asking Libyan army to lay down its arms. What about rebels laying down their arms?

    A US delegation that has met with Libyan officials has reportedly offered Gaddafi guarantees that he will not be prosecuted if he relinquishes power, said a Libyan official, Asharq al-Awsat reported on Wednesday.

    A big joke πŸ™‚

    The unidentified official, described as β€œclose” to the negotiations with the US, said, “The US delegation expressed clear readiness to go ahead and find a place or a country prepared to host Gaddafi, along with offering him guarantees that he will not be tracked down for prosecution.”

    According to the newspaper, the talks were held Saturday in Tunisia and were attended by Bashir Saleh, the director of Gaddafi’s office.

    Gaddafi announced on Tuesday that he would continue fighting against NATO and Libyan opposition, vowing to retake the lost areas from anti-regime forces.

    Yes, a true leader talking, you can’t bribe him with freedom which he already has and which is his right

    Tripoli and some western provinces remain under Gaddafi’s control while the revolutionaries hold Benghazi, most of the east and several western cities.

    France has similarly said that Gaddafi can stay in Libya if he quits power, pointing out that a truce deal can only be struck if the Libyan ruler makes a formal commitment to give up his civil and military responsibilities.

    Jokers πŸ™‚

    The African nation has been the scene of intense fighting between regime troops and revolutionary forces since mid-February. The revolutionary forces seek an end to Gaddafi’s decades-long rule.

    The conflict has left thousands of people dead and wounded.

    The US and NATO forces unleashed a punishing, UN-mandated aerial bombardment of Libya in March to pressure Gaddafi to abandon power.

    The military alliance has admitted that its forces have killed and wounded scores of civilians in the ongoing aerial attacks on key Libyan cities.

    What is ICC waiting for? The criminals are even admitting mudering and they are quiet

    • Hadock says:

      Hey, patriot, arent you supposed to be gone by the way ?

    • JP says:

      You must be Patriot?
      Can’t you see the difference between accidently killing civilians and intentionally killing civilians? If not, open you’re eyes. Furthermore the only right a criminal has is a lawyer. All his other rights he lost. And that is only his own fault, no one else to blame. Being a criminal is a decision you make by yourself.

      • lol says:

        You can’t keep dropping bombs everyday on a city full of people and each time you kill you claim its an accident…

        • JP says:

          Yes you can. It is a bitter trade. The alternative is to let Gadaffi use the military assets to crack down on its own people resulting in even more deaths. And don’t exaggerate the deaths caused by NATO bombing. Of course every death is a big personal tragedy but there has never been proof of large numbers of causalities and won’t you think Gadaffi would be trying hard to prove this?

          • lol says:

            kill one American per week and its big deal. kill 100 Arabs per month and its a small price to pay.

    • Richard From France says:

      Hello Patriot, long time no see!
      Still having Internet in Bab al azyzya? Oh, well, probably a satellite dish and some prisoners pedaling on a magneto…

      unless you strategically moved in a more SECURE place, lol

  3. These flyers dropped by nato in libya are terrible…They should have pictures of the high ranking officials that are easily recognizable who have turned against the gaddaffi regime, and then they should have a blank area of high ranking revo people who have turned back to Gaddaffi. They should have the militray laws of engagement that the Gaddaffi soldiers are violating clearly stated…The koranic law, the country law, and the intl law…..They should have the historical precepts of leadership that Gaddaffi follows , but is now in violation of…He talks Crusades, what would Saladin say about his bullshyyttt. This is a complicated engagement, real answers will support it. The Libyan people aren’t stupid, they have family and tribal history to overcome…… please.get serious
    The Crusaders withdrew and Saladin proclaimed it “a victory opening the gates of men’s hearts..
    Would anyone say that Gaddafi’s leadership is defined by such greatness, when he pursues rats amongst his people.
    Would anyone say that Gaddaff’s rule has such greatness when he kept thepeople of the East high and mentally enchained , and then referred o them as drug addicts when they asked for or marched for their rights….

    • sarcastical says:

      These flyers are small. You will not fit all ot these things that you want to put in.
      Flyers must be short, simple and drive one point with extreme clarity.

  4. Kazakh says:

    The NATO posters are anything but impressive. More demonisation is needed: imagine mutilated bodies or merely skulls with some flesh of Gaddafi fighters scattered around a burnt tank on the left side of a poster and joyous Gaddafi and his family amid piles of cash on the right with a question mark below: “What do YOU might die for?…” Surely, many will lose spirit.

    Revs may belittle Gaddafi by displaying him on field propaganda posters as a devlian beastly creature.

    • Richard From France says:

      True that these leaflets are not much impressive…

      Well, understand them, NATO was for too long a cold war thing, as anti-poetical as the soviet it was meant to fight… They seem to be committed to do useful job now, but they still have trouble attracting smart people and artists πŸ˜›

    • JP says:

      You want to confront children with these images?

  5. Ontos says:

    Hi, Friend …we miss you…
    happy to see the children wearing
    American made shoes…they will last
    as somethings will not…take care out there.

  6. Meh says:

    They could had simply printed “All your base are belong to us” in Arabic and made a better effect, at least that would make the soldiers pause for the WTFness of it.

  7. lol says:

    Patriot will be back.
    The enemy shall be defeated and the Imperialistic World days are gone.

    • Factscout says:

      Lol, I’d like to see Gaddafi try to take Benghazi now. If the No fly Zone was lifted it’d be the Rebel planes doing the bombing now. Hahaha

      • b says:

        Its not about Gaddafi. This is puppets vs Libyans and Libyans are winning.
        With all the air power support the puppets haven’t been able to take Libya.

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