Video: A new push for Brega

Revolutionaries are preparing for a new major offensive against Gaddafi forces in Brega

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  1. 12:33 Reuters Western and Arab powers began talks in Turkey on Friday aimed at finding a political solution for Libya that would persuade Muammar Gaddafi to give up power and end a conflict that could otherwise drag on interminably. “Countries are starting to look past Gaddafi. He’s going to go, and the meeting can be a useful place to take stock of and prepare for that transition,” one senior U.S. official told reporters aboard Clinton’s plane before landing in Istanbul.
    The reason that there aren’t foreign troops is that Libya is supposed to be deciding it’s own destiny. Yet, all around the world,there are meetings to decide Libya’s destiny. Nothing can be decided until; gaddaffi’s gone. It was not a goodthing that Libya was isolated even amongst beleagured countries when the Arab world wasn’t free. It is going to be twice as untenable for the people to be isolated again when all the countries around them are….

  2. Fredy says:

    I’m impressed by the determination of the fighters in Ajdabiya who have decided to retake the oil town of Brega from G troops. Lets hope that now it becomes a reality. Brega seems to be heavily fortified.

    We expect from Nato not to make more fatal mistakes on the frontline near Brega.

  3. Marwaan75 says:

    Wouldn’t it be wiser to turn Brega and take back Ras al Hanouf which is mess prepared to a frontal attack ? And thus isolats Brega…

  4. Richard From France says:

    “Countries are starting to look past Gaddafi.”

    This is the way to think

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