Video: France votes to extend Libya mission

French parliamentarians voted overwhelmingly to extend funding for the country’s military intervention in Libya. While the country is also heavily involved in finding a political solution to the crisis, the vote indicates that they still see the military intervention as an important part of the process.

Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland reports from Paris.

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8 Responses to Video: France votes to extend Libya mission

  1. Fredy says:

    Some don’t see the end to Libyan war in the battlefield.
    I do.
    It’s just a matter of time . Tripoli is surrounded . It just a matter of days or weeks before they start moving into the big city. The rebels are fighting hard and they are making significant progress.
    The French Parliament has decided to continue their military support to Libya. Which is great.
    Time is passing by for everybody including Maddafi regime. We are going into the fifth month of conflict and I think that all of us who support the Libyan revolution should be happy with all the NLA accomplishments .

    I think it would be a good idea to summarize the most important events of each month to evaluate the NLA progress better.

    Misrata and most of the Nafusa Mountains towns are under rebel control .

    • Richard From France says:

      It took 2 months of NATO bombings to force Milosevic to quit, during the Kosovo war.
      These bombings were much more violent than in Libya, and they touched civilian infrastructures, like bridges. In more they were still inaccurate, and about 20 mistakes cost the life of many civilians.
      Kaddhafi’s army is stronger than Milosevic’s, and NATO is considerably hampered by the strict engagement rules protecting civilians from collateral damages. In more, only strictly military objectives are hit. At last, Kaddhafi has no care for his own people, while Milosevic had.

      So, five months instead of two, it is not so bad after all, given these hugely differing conditions. But we should see the end soon.

  2. Richard From France says:

    More info here (in french)à-la-prolongation-lopération-190207445.html

    Some quotes: after the foreign ministry, Alain Juppé, the international community has contacts with libya emissaries who state that Muammar Kadhafi is ready to leave.

    François Fillon, prime ministry, quoted the conditions for halting the military operations (of the coalition): authentic and checkable ceasefire, which specificaly implies that Kadhafi forces go back in their barracks: the end of the exactions against covilian populations and the free access for humanitarian help; the withdrawal, at last, of the colonel Kadhafi from power.

    Bernard Cazeneuve, from the “Parti Socialiste” group, explained “If today we stop the operations, we would send the signal to the colonel Kadhafi that he can take again the path for Benghazi, that he can start slaughtering again”. He however asked for a new vote in September, to re-evaluate the situation.

    Votes were 482 for continuing the operations, 27 opposing it. The Sénat then gave a green light with 311 votes for an 24 against.

    Only the Communist party supported Kadhafi. To my great shame, the “Greens” were divided.

    • Hadock says:

      Moreover, now that Kaddafy promised terrorist retaliation, it would be madness to stop this action before he is “diseabled”

      The fact that the communist still support kaddafy is not surprising, but one can only wonder why the ecologists are also opposing this intervention.

      • Richard From France says:

        Alas I know well the ecologists, being one myself… I found that many are in fact close to extreme left. Others have ready-made prejudices about the USA, and they think the intervention in Libya is like the Vietnam war… Too bad, for a movement which is expected to be a spearhead of social evolution

  3. Richard From France says:

    As a French I am proud to say that our politicians were showing good on this issue.

    This vote was fulfilling a need: to bring some control on the decisions of the president, who must obviously not himself alone engage the country into such a serious thing as a war.

    And our politicians did not used this issue as a leverage to try to oust Sarkozy, even not the socialists, despite they are his fierce opponents.

    Similar need for control appeared in the US, with a similar vote recently. Alas some politicians here seem to have used this vote as a home policy mean to weaken Obama.

  4. Richard From France says:

    Al last I note that the departure of Kaddhafi is now a condition to stop military action.

    This is just realistic, as he will never stop himself.

  5. J. Shriner says:

    I’m glad you wrote Richard. It is heartening to know that you French are staying the course for Libya’s freedom. God bless you and I’ll hope the US House of Representatives (just the ‘faction’) doesn’t keep trying to make everything darned near impossible. I sometimes think ‘they’ will never be satisfied. Thanks for keeping the home-fires burning about this. J. 🙂

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