Video: Music from a Different Time

BENGHAZI, LIBYA 6/21/2011 – For centuries, Libya’s position straddling the Arab and African world gave it one of the richest and diverse musical and artistic cultures. But under the regime of Colonel Gaddafi, this culture was actively suppressed in favor of propaganda glorifying the state.

The revolution in February lifted the restrictions on music, among other things, and Benghazi is now witnessing a resurgence of culture once forgotten or forbidden under the old regime.

One of the musical projects enabled by the revolution is Alzaman Al Jameel, a band in Benghazi that performs in the classic Libyan styles. The 14 member band, made up of former music students, performs traditional Libyan and Arabic songs, including some religious laments.

They recently performed the national anthem for members of the Transition National Council, Libya’s interim rebel government.

“Our aim is to support the revolution with music and art,” said Mohammed Othman, the band’s manager.

Alive in Libya visited Alzaman Al Jameel during one of its practice sessions to talk with the members about their band, how they started, and what their role is going forward.

Source: Alive in Libya

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9 Responses to Video: Music from a Different Time

  1. Fredy says:

    Cool !

  2. cartographer says:

    “Russian newspaper Kommersant said on Tuesday that Gaddafi was willing to give up power in exchange for security guarantees”

    Never, ever, ever trust anything coming from this guy until he hands himself over to the Libyan People or ICC with his hands up and his ugly kids too. He is even discrediting his friends the Russians. He is never going to go peacefully, not in or outside of Libya. At the moment his options are getting very thin indeed and he is resorting to sending out conflicting messages. Later it will be fight to the death or suicide; most likely fight.

  3. Fredy says:

    Madaffi makes Sadam Hussein look like a criminal freshman.

    • Libya says:

      The evil practices during the 42 years of his hegemony and the evil actions over the last 4-5 months have made all other dictators and tyrants look quite good compared to this evil man. We should call his phenomena and actions the Qaddafi’s – If a tyrant reaches this level he’s then promoted from a tyrant to become a Qaddafi – it is like a title for future tyrant who copy the actions of this man.

      I was told that the devil/Lucifer has actually left the planet earth and he appointed Daffy before leaving.

  4. 21:40 Paul Danahar tweeted: “Earlier at Abaad hospital in Misrata Libya where they were treating 4 Gaddafi soldiers captured by rebels between Zlitan and Dafniyah. Captured #Gaddafi troops were still wearing Libyan army fatigues. 1 had bullet in back. 3 had light injuries. 2 dead taken for burial. Captured Gaddafi troops got good medical attention. No aggression towards them.1 rebel asked tho’ why had been shooting at fellow libyans. Rebels said after treatment four captured Gaddafi troops be put with 200 other POW’s in #Misrata #Libya held since fighting began.”

    The nerve wracking shelling of misiata is just to let you know hes in the game, you know the terrain, you have to take it to him………..Hilldill…..have you killed your gaddaffi soldier today……..

  5. patriot says:

    NATO will reap fruits of violence and evil sown throughout the earth. Like the empires of the past, their evils can not go unpunished and unless they repent, NATO will suffer the fate of Babylon and her sister nations.

  6. Fredy says:

    I think that Maddafi was much more evil than Hitler .

    With this war I have realized that in the past, any country with a significant army and command could go in and invade the country of their wish, own them , flag them , murder them,isolate them and use them.

    This explains the rationale of having an army and weapons.

    The insane has taught how to behave.

    The evolution of the weapon from being a tool of hunt has been expanded to hunt each other like animals.

    Insane !

  7. sp_arrow says:

    Topic was art & music- right ? Indeed, the world is eager to see Libya’s rich culture to come forward – from painting to performance, music and sculpture, from Tamazight to Rap.
    My heartfelt congratulations to all the brave women and men who dare to be artists in the face of daily terror, loss and grieveance.

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