Video: Woman who recently fled Tripoli speaks to CNN’s Ben Wedeman

A woman who recently fled Tripoli to Misrata speaks to CNN’s Ben Wedeman about the situation in the capital.

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28 Responses to Video: Woman who recently fled Tripoli speaks to CNN’s Ben Wedeman

  1. Fredy says:

    If the poor support that criminal is because their soul is poor and rotten as well .
    If the financially poor are fighting against Maddafi is because they want a piece of wealth . They are not poor. They want to be rich. But first they want to be free. These people are good and courageous. There are wealthy people fighting.

    The really poor is blind and evil . They will deceive you. They will define what real poverty is. No amount of money can enrich them because their poor. They lack good feelings for others.

    Why would someone poor support, Madaffi ?

    Why would someone rich support Gaddafi if they don’t need him ?

    Because they like him ?

    Why ?

    Or what for ?

    That’s a question for the African Union, Russia and China .

  2. patriot says:

    You are confused Fredy. That’s why I know you are bipolar.

    The poor support Gaddafi because they feel safe and important with him .

    Little Dick

  3. Fredy says:

    I thank the admin for this wonderful site and holding everyone accountable. We all need to do a better job to make the quality good. Have a great day.

    patriot is not all that shitty . He can be classy. He had to thank the admin.

    If you live in England you must have some class Hulligan.

    Don’t worry patriot about being obsessed with me . It’s for your own good.

    Little Dick.

    Don’t Cry . It’s not my fault you can’t fuck your wife. Oh I did not call the lady on the video a bitch. Look you practice Budu , Witchcraft and Impotence .

    Prostitutes can be fun specially helpful for your dick condition. It works for Bipolars too. If you are a sociopath too. You can use your plastic money.

    Good Luck

  4. Libya says:

    The poor have poor education background. Their knowledge is poor. the family structure is poor also. They are very easy to manipulate by presenting them with distorted facts. Also he had promised them piece of land if he prevails + the money and a car they already received.

    Misrata for example is not poor. they are very well off people in Libya. In Tripoli, mostly the well off areas have risen up against Daffy. This uprising is not for bread and butter only. It is for many reasons. The broken infrastructure, the education system etc, together, we believe Daffy is a traitor and he is not a Libyan really. You need to investigate his background of his mother and father.

    There are religious reasons too. He fought Islam very hard in Libya. I am not going into details. But he acted like a proxy for an invader who want to fight Islam and Muslims.

  5. Fredy says:

    Yes Libya, we welcome your wise words. Maddaffi is manipulating the poor. Are we in agreement then? No more imitation? patriot is a clown and I can deal with him, but I don’t want to fight with respectable people like yourself and Christine. Thanks

    • Libya says:

      Thanks. I also had enough with patriot. In reality we do not have to agree with him, nor should he agree with us. What he needs to learn together with his Lord Daffy, to be civil and respect our difference and for the majority to rule. Not for the sword to decide.

  6. Fredy says:

    Daffi is a Libyan born Italian-Jew . Is that so ? Libya

    Well, Adolf Hitler was, an Austrian-Jew. Wasn’t he ?

    We have to speak the truth openly. We should understand before we judge. But we should always know right from wrong.

    Hitler enjoyed broad support from all Germans in his war against the world.

    After I read the story of the young Hitler I felt really sorry for him.

    This shit can happen to the brightest people on earth.

    I always keep in Mind Abraham’s Lincoln words. Give a man power and you shall test their character.
    Libya did not know Gaddafi until he had the power.

    I ‘ve known my worst enemies after they had some power upon me.

    True Shit.

    My father was a great man . Thank God.

  7. Fredy says:

    Libya if you are afraid of the Jews is because they are a threats.

    We are americans and they know how we are. The fuck with them.

    Not all of them are full of shit. In fact many of them help us understand the wrong they did.

    Conspiracy ?

    You bet.

    If a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more parties to do harm.

    Indeed . The Israel plan was a conspiracy. So was the fascist plan. The american imperialistic plan that bought TEXAS,CALIFORNIA,NEW MEXICO AND ARIZONA from Mexican president Santa Ana.

    The Green go’s don’t have the balls to admit they stole that land .

    As scholars we must search and interpret the truth throughout time to verify our conclusions.

  8. Christine says:

    I believe what this woman says in regards to the poor population supporting Badaffi is anything but true.

    As a person who started life in poverty in a corrupted country, I have witnessed many times how the poor are easily deceived by money and fame – the lack of education due to their economic circumstance makes such people vulnerable for easy manipulation. In their minds they see these ‘greedy’ people as ‘successful’ and therefore earns their respect without taking into account how they got their in the first place. Education is indeed the key but not entirely the solution – there are highly educated people who will support corruption simply because they are ‘greedy and selfish’.

    In reality in this world, although I myself lack understanding of how it all works. I have the feeling there will always be the ‘rich’ and the ‘poor’ simply because the goverment needs these poor people to do the dirty jobs that the rich and well off will not – but that’s another topic.

  9. patriot says:

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    • Fredy says:

      I also posted the above comment. Patriot doesn’t like me, I have tried to tell him even us homos have our rights but he doesn’t understand.

      Patriot I need you, if you don’t fuck me I will masquerade as you forever and ever!

  10. Fredy says:

    patriot you are such a little faggot. If I see you on the street I am going to pull out my scalpel and eviscerate you on the spot.

    Do you know what eviscerate means?

    You are a stupid Maddafi loving asshole. You think your little dick can fuck Christine?

    Guess again.

    Your dick is so little that you piss on your balls. Let a real man show you how. I’ll fuck Christine’s brains out. Don’t take that literally.

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  11. patriot says:

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    • Fredy says:

      I forgot to change my name to Fredy on the above comment. I am really sick and I need help with this obsession!

      Sorry guys, I just can’t stop pretending to be patriot. Its the only way I can influence people to hate him. He is exposing us too much.

  12. Fredy says:

    I can try a procedure call crown lengthening is safe and affordable. No scalpel.

    In fact I am going to send you to a very good doctor. Patriot . If you want surgery you got it.

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  13. Fredy says:

    Maybe you would like a North African dick transplant patriot ?

    If size is an issue

    Little Dick

  14. patriot says:

    I am not black. It would not look good..

    I am going to contact Christine .

    Little Dick

    • Fredy says:

      I am also obsessed with race and colour that is why again I am posting as patriot. What is getting into me?
      Libya, Christine, admin please forgive me, I just can’t stop myself. I feel this is the way to release my anger over patriot’s rejection.

      sob sob sob…

  15. Fredy - Patriot Supporter says:

    These two wankers would be more entertaining if they were put on the frontline of this war so we can all watch them dodge bullets and see which one of these pricks hits a jackpot with a grad missile….but of course it would be a hard target since they both have small teeny winnies.

    This is not a chat room – if you both need to release, go in a chatroom or better yet go cam to cam so you both can start pleasing each other.

    Leave Christine alone, you faggots!

    You two need psychiatric help for your obvious schizophrenia!

  16. Fredy says:

    I have bi-polar disorder and keep posting pretending to be patriot. I know all of you know patriots style but I can’t find the balance to write the way he writes…the truth.

    Patriot, why don’t you just join us? We are on the side of the strong. You know NATO is strong, it doesn’t have to be right. Join us you will be rewarded!

  17. despotDepot says:

    I’m a hypocrite because I only posted once on this page at 1:20.
    In reality I posted here because I wanted to look good by removing you.
    Maddafi ?

    That’s an expensive job patriot.

    Little Italy

  18. Fredy says:

    This woman looks and talks like a crook.

    Why would an English woman wear a black hood ?

    She forgot about her family.


  19. despotDepot says:

    Hey Fredy. The oil cutoff was a great move by the rebels. On the other hand there was a big protest in Tripoli today and I saw a lot of Gaddafi supporters. Cutting off their fuel is going to help, but there still could be a lot of fighting ahead.

    It looks like you really pissed off, Patriot. The impersonation is getting really bad now though. Both of you need to cool it.

  20. despotDepot says:

    I don’t know about the whole Britain/France oil thing. Didn’t France just send weapons to FF’s in the Nafusa Mountains?

    In any case, whatever your beef is with Patriot, just settle it the old fashioned way. Things were more fun before the blog just turned into an inferno. Thanks

    • patriot says:

      pychopaths won’t agree for others to put forward their views. Its strange you didn’t speak out when Fredy started the masquerading thing and you only speak after the site is reduced to bombing each other.

  21. patriot says:

    You are the one learning. You have already dropped one hypocrite, NATO. That is 50% luggage gone. What remains is the terrorists…
    Its just a matter of time.

  22. patriot says:

    you and admin are birds of the same feather. You have no concience.

  23. Fredy says:


    You need to relax.
    You are wrong about Maddafi.
    Get that through your thick head.
    You are right about Europe and the TNC.

    Stop being rude to everyone.
    Grow up.

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