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What really happened in Zliten?

The Libyan government has taken correspondents to Zlitan, to see the aftermath of a Nato strike that it says killed 85 civilians. Nato says it hit a military staging base. The BBC’s Matthew Price went along to weigh the competing … Continue reading

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Fuel smuggler’s paradise: a day on the border between Libya and Tunisia

It was not yet 7am but already more than 500 old pick-up trucks, lorries and tractor trailers piled high with jerrycans had gathered on a scorched stretch of no man’s land between Tunisia and Libya. The sand, dotted with black … Continue reading

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August 11th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 22:29 Reuters Libyan rebels have captured the residential districts of Brega but soldiers loyal to Muammar Gaddafi still hold western parts of the town where the oil facilities are located, a rebel spokesman said on Thursday. … Continue reading

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