Audio: Alex Crawford In Zawiyah As Rebels Try To Push Gaddafi’s Forces Out Of Town

Sky News’ Alex Crawford is back In Zawiyah and reports on the revolutionaries’ attempts to push Gaddafi forces out of the town.

Inside Libya: Alex Crawford In Zawiyah As Rebels Try To Push Gaddafi”s Forces Out Of Town (mp3)

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3 Responses to Audio: Alex Crawford In Zawiyah As Rebels Try To Push Gaddafi’s Forces Out Of Town

  1. There are many ancient Roman sites in Zliten, such as the Villa of Omira (‘Darbuk Omira’ ), and the Castle in Al-Jumaa. The town also contains the Mausoleum and Mosque of Sidi Abd As-Salam Al-Asmar, a revered Islamic saint who lived and died in Zliten during the 15th century. There is some fine Arabic calligraphy in sandstone on top of the outer pillars of the building saying al-mulk-‘illah (“Everything to Allah”).[6] The town is famous for its olives, palm trees and citrus fruits along beautiful coastal shores. The Slat Abn Shaif Synagogue (Hebrew: בית הכנסת צלאת בן שאיף‎) in Zliten is a historic synagogue and Lag Ba’omer pilgrimage site for Libyan Jews. It is over 900 years old.

    The gaddaffi troops from Gharyan retreated to Tripoli I imagine……..There should be a real clusterfu-ck in Tripoli right about now…….Do you want to destroy the city,…….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………………..
    I like giving the oil and natural gas cutoff a chance to take root, and letting it work on the psyche of the city. In realizing the futility of the situation, there WILL BE mass defection, escapism, and pressure against the regime from within.

    What we don’t want to do is let the zliten Gaddaffi contingent retreat to Tripoli………I say lay seige to Zliten now. Cut off their route to Tripoli………with the aid of NATO of course……..If you leave them no exit, maybe they’ll leave you no mines…….Move up the coastal side and cut them off. It’s a test case for Tripoli………..

    • I don’t believe the scud was an attack….I think it was a signal of some type………Maybe for troops to assimilate as best they can, to return to make a last stand, or to mine everything…But as an attack it doesn’t make sense, as a signal it does. Maybe even a signal to sleepers in the East…………,

      Still need Ras Lanouf……………

      • Mr. Gross says:

        If you cut the Sirte-Tripoli roadway, you do not need to worry about Ras Lanuf. Once the threat of Tripoli is gone, only one city would be occupied. Gaddafi forces in Sirte cannot fight all fronts.

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