CNN Exclusive: Luxury, horror lurked in Gaddafi’s compound

In a CNN exclusive, Dan Rivers finds a horribly scarred family nanny, who recounts being scalded by Gadhafi’s daughter-in-law.

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21 Responses to CNN Exclusive: Luxury, horror lurked in Gaddafi’s compound

  1. Richard from France says:

    This video should be shown in the TV everywhere, so as everybody know what psychopaths and sociopaths exactly are. They may boast they have a piano, but their real pleasure is to make us suffer, like this poor person, who lost her beauty and will keep sequels for the remainder of her life.

    In democratic countries, psychopaths do not make crude physical tortures like this, but they make psychological tortures, which are as cruel. The soul of their victims is like the skin in this video, it is as much destroyed and painful.

    When do we limit the rights of psychopaths, as of other psychiatric hazards?

  2. Mohammed says:

    I hope they find Hannibal’s wife and give her the same punishment that she used on this poor maid.

    I hope the new Libya will treat the domestic migrant workers better than what we have seen in the past. Many reports of abuse, torture and oppression from those migrant workers in Libya at the hand of those mainly wealthy Libyans (not all but some) whose behaviour was similar to the wealthy Gulf citizens towards to the migrant workers there.

    • Christine says:

      Thank you for voicing this topic Mohammed…I have many of my countrymen that works in Libya – it saddens me to see them being treated in such horrible ways by their employers.

      I hope the new Libya will be taking close monitors and creating legal acts against those who abuse migrant workers in such inhumane manner.

      Everyone deserves justice.

  3. Mohammed says:

    Hannibal now in Algeria presumably with that monster of a wife that burnt the maid with boiling water. Typical COWARDS who can only oppress and torture the weak and run the moment they feel there life may be in danger.

    Hannibal why don’t you stay and fight in Libya?

  4. Free Azzawia says:

    The truths regarding Kadafi’s atrocities and his regime is coming out. History will reserve a place for him and his family along with the other World despots. They will be remembered along with Hitler, Stalin, Sadam, Mugabe, Mokassa, Duvalier… Given his rapid fall from absolute ruler to complete loser, I suspect he will feel considerable turmoil and despair and will be plagued by nightmares for the rest of his days…

  5. Raphael says:

    Aline Skaf is now in Algeria… I hope that Algeria will eventually send her to court in Libya.

  6. AP – Libyan rebels may be indiscriminately killing black people because they have confused innocent migrant workers with mercenaries, the chairman of the African Union said.
    “NTC seems to confuse black people with mercenaries,” AU chairman Jean Ping said Monday, referring to the rebels’ National Transitional Council.
    “All blacks are mercenaries. If you do that, it means (that the) one-third of the population of Libya, which is black, is also mercenaries. They are killing people, normal workers, mistreating them.”
    He added: “Maybe it’s looters, uncontrolled forces. But then the government should say something, condemn this. We want to see a signal that the African workers that are there, they should be evacuated.”
    Ping’s comments follow concerns from international rights groups about beatings and detentions of immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa.
    (I don’t imagine it’s about anything but overt racism…..The killings have to stop, if for no other reason than evidentary. They are the best record of Gaddaffi crimes.Also, add o fuel to the fire the council is stoking for outside intervention………….But don’t take chances in Sirte.)

  7. benina says:

    dont worry, there will be no where safe for these monsters…in time…in time justice will be served, My heart aches for this poor Ethiopian woman

  8. Fredy says:

    It sounds like I am not the only one who has dealt closely with a sociopath. Richard thank you for your remarks regarding the behavior of the sociopaths.

    Nowadays, the psychiatrists have changed the name of this pathological condition to Antisocial behavior. I don’t like the term because it hides the potential for the sociopath being identified by society.

    This lady victim should be highly compensated for the life disfigurement of her bodily parts , for torture and lack of pay. I acknowledge the work of CNN Dan Rivers in exposing this extreme case of physical torture in the hands of Hannibal Gadaffi’s wife to the world. We all know how painful is to get burned and this is a major burn that already is creating an inferiority complex on this beautiful woman.

    Richard made such an accurate description of how a sociopath behave in a more civilized world. They inflict a psychological damage that can be permanent and can create levels of unsurmountable long term agony and pain. These people are sub humans. Much more should be done to address the dangers of living among sociopaths and psychopaths.

    Thanks for bringing this pertinent subject to this forum Richard. This mindset explains why Gadaffi behaved like a mad lion. He is a psychopath.

    • Richard from France says:

      I agree that this change is ambiguous. Because a behavior, by itself, is not a disease. We can have an antisocial behavior for all kinds of humanly understandable reason (society is not perfect, we are poor, victim of injustice, etc.). True psychopaths may have apparently normal behavior too, when they need it for their purposes. I suspect some maneuver to avoid the spreading of the awareness of these issues…

      Sociopathy (and former variants like “narcissic pervert”) is much more accurate, and it points at a mental condition, which does not necessarily entails an openly antisocial behavior (often sociopaths are considered as wise persons by their victims)

      A sociopath is a specific mental disease (with numerous variants), and different from paranoia. A paranoid suffers hallucinations and distortions of reality, and this makes him legally irresponsible of his acts. A sociopath has no such hallucinations, and he is perfectly aware that his behavior is not accepted by society, however, and this makes him legally responsible of whatever act he commits.

      So how is a sociopath different of us? Because he has no human sensitivity, and he sees no concern into harming, torturing or exploiting others, for some purpose, or for his sole pleasure. He sees our sensitivity and ethical concerns as “irrationality” and “weakness”, because they forbid us to do bad things, while he sees no reason not to do these things.

      Of course a lone psychopath is submitted to law and to the look of society, and he knows that he will get in trouble if he acts after his own ways. This is why he does not behave openly, only when there is no witnesses, or on unsuspecting victims.

      Sociopaths, being different, feel some solidarity together. This is why they will tend to create “oasis of sociopathy” where they can set their own sociopathic rules, and behave openly in their own ways, without being caught. Examples of such “oasis” are cults, some groups or companies, or the Internet forums, where trolls and stalkers are protected by anonymity (and the guilty complacency of most forum masters).

      This is why sociopaths are always seeking power, and we often find them in the highest positions in a group. In this case of course they are skillful at not unveiling their sociopathic nature. Instead, they take “discipline” or “economical needs” as pretext to “punish” their victims.

      But of course, the government is the best place for them. Once they get there, they gather all their fellow psychopaths, and set their psychopathic rules for the whole society. They give the best power places for the most prominent psychopaths, or some special places for their family, where they can do their play safely (like this villa, which was a private torture place, for the sole fun of its inhabitants). And they also gather all the others psychopaths they can find, into “security agents” groups, so that they protect the psychopathic power, while having a pretext for playing freely their sadistic games (like arresting people more or less at random, and have torture games with them).

      This science of socially organized psychopathy is called “ponerology”. I think it is a crucial prerequisite for everybody to learn what psychopaths are, and how to protect of them. and avoid voting for them, of course….

  9. Richard from France says:

    This monster may be prosecuted by the International Court, for political atrocities. If not, this monster can be prosecuted by a Libyan court, at least for this fact. In both cases, Algeria has to take a clear stance: be an honest country and surrender to justice the monsters responsible of such atrocities, or become a country banned by the others.

    As a French, I know well Algeria. My country certainly fought an unfair war against Algeria, using fascist methods. But, in front, the FLN was not better, and even worse. The FLN is a fascist extreme-right psychopathic party, and their very first deed, well before starting the very first fight against the French occupier, was to kill all the Algerian democrats. They too committed innumerable and unspeakable atrocities: aiming deliberately at civilians, torture, sexual mutilations, killing innocent Algerians considered as “collaborators”, including children. We remember the incredible Amirouche, who tortured and killed about 2000 sincere FLN fighters, accusing them of being traitors, probably just because he preferred tanned Algerian buttocks rather than pale French buttocks.
    This was not the end, and, in the 1990 years, numerous “unexplained” slaughtering of whole villages, with axes, occurred, with the Algerian army around, but “unable” to find the culprits. All Algerians to whom I spoke say it is the army or government who did that.
    So today the FLN may give a varnish of democracy over its ruthless and vicious rule, but it is still basically a fascist extreme-right psychopathic party, ready to do atrocities again, and anyway still smothering any real freedom and prosperity in Algeria.
    I am false? Well, if I am false, Algeria will surrender all kadhafi family members as soon as the Libya government, or the ICC, will request them to do so. And they too will start deep reforms toward real democracy.

  10. Richard from France says:

    This poor woman will remain forever ugly, scars in her face and bald. I wish her to join the paradise after her death, and have a marvelous body here…

  11. Richard from France says:

    as to the monster who did that, “maggot” should be a good nickname… How do we say “maggot” in Arabic?

  12. 40 min 48 sec ago – LibyaThe head of Libya’s National Transitional Council has given Sirte and other areas still loyal to Muammar Gaddafi until Saturday to surrender or face a military assault. – Reuters

    How many captives, migrants and/or servants will be killed as this week progresses…….Do yo really want to play with these shyyttheads, and face the humanitarian and political consequences of their machinations and inaction……Are we really that far gone. If we’ve learned anything in the last couple of weeks, it’s that in this tech environment, you can slow justice by extroidinary means, but you sure in the f-uck can’t stop it……Do you want to find yourself on the wrong side of history or look back and know of the lives you’ve saved by doing your duty; the duty ou took an oath to perform……………..If I’ve never written anything worth reading, this is as true as it gets……………GO TO SIRTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..Nato will aid your efforts………………

  13. 1 hour 14 min ago – LibyaAn estimated 50,000 people have been killed since start of Libya uprising, NTC military commander has told Reuters

    And 50,000 more will probably die if the NTC doesn’t stop shilling for world oil interest..How manypeople died whilt the NTC was planning, and poorly executing, a symbolic Tripoli attack, instead of taking opportunity as it. No doubt the wait til Saturday alternative is just an excuse for more cloak and dagger bullshyyttt for which they can pat themselves on the back….While the imprisoned are brutalized……….

  14. (now dig, I’ve been keping a running ount of what was reported inmy head, and hasn’t lost 35’000, I don’t know what the f-uc they’re talking about. I believe they’ve already included in their estimation all the people that are being kiled in
    Sirte as I type..Sirte has been on lockdown, .press and all the whole conflict, so I’m sure that’s where they have been doing most of the dirty work. Things done in Tripoli might have cauht the notice ofthe press. And why id the pres not demand to visit the prisonerswhen tey were asking to see conquered towns. I dunno……

    And all of this sudden recognition of the council worldwide is to give the council the ability to subjugate any interest that conflict with the exploitation of the country’s wealth, just as was done with Gaddaffi……You must recognize and realize that your brethern are still alive, but dying in Sirte and finish the job. The council stands in the way of Salvation, as nNato stands prepared to aid the freedom fighters, and not the shills of the Obama administration……..

  15. 13:29 Reuters / Sky News A young bodyguard of Khamis Gaddafi has told Sky News that Gaddafi left Tripoli as late as last Friday, and traveled to Sabha. Sky quoted the unnamed captured bodyguard as saying Gaddafi held a meeting with Khamis at around 1:30 p.m. on Friday in a Tripoli compound that was under heavy fire at the time by anti-Gaddafi forces. Gaddafi had arrived in a saloon car and was also joined shortly afterwards by his daughter Aisha, who is now confirmed to be in Algeria.
    “rings true…You can slow and delay the justice coming after your a-ss, but you can’t deny it”. And that goes for Askenazi , and askenazi subservients, as well……..Check your scorecard…..How can the NTC pump that oil if Gaddaffi can harass the fields from the south…….Hmmmmmmmm

  16. Fredy says:

    Richard do you have literature sources on how to deal and defeat a sociopath from harming one self ?

    The lady maid was hospitalized and she looks much better with a surgical turban on her head. Not ugly at all. She is safe !

    She is safe at the hospital now !

    • Richard From France says:

      The basic book which started the affair

      (en français:èlement-moral-violence-perverse-quotidien/dp/226609243X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314885465&sr=8-1

      There are now several books now about “stakling” (“harcèlement moral” en français) and it became a major topic (although some writers seem to want to dismiss this, while saying for instance that stalking in a company is a consequence of social pressure)

      Basic info here

      en françaisèlement_moral

      Although all this being about individual sociopaths attaching other individuals, there is a theory of collective sociopathy (sociopathic government) called ponerology:
      en françaisérologie

      although there seems to be much less impetus to study this case…

    • Richard From France says:

      defeating a psychopath is personally challenging, because it implies to be able to control our own behavior and emotions. However this is perfectly possible, and reading the books above will explain much about this, especially “stalking the soul”.

      Some basic steps:

      -understanding that the person is a psychopath, what he does to us, and how he does it

      -abandonning any idea of “mercy”, “dialogue” “compromise”, etc. toward a psychopath. It just gives him weapons.

      -talking with persons who really understand the situation, and SEVERING relations with people who do not understand it (and want us to “dialogue”, to make compromises, look at our own shortcomings, etc.)

      -clearly show him that he lost any power on our emotions

      -NEVER pay attention to what he says

      -NEVER reply him (this is especially apparent with Internet forum stalkers)

      -At last, from personal experience, a stalker always leaves immediately when he sees that EVERYBODY is against him and there is no fault in the group.

      For more, maybe it is a bit out of topic here, please moderator, tell 🙂

    • Richard From France says:

      She is safe at the hospital now !

      I hope they can arrange her as much as possible. But I am afraid the scars will never disappear, and she may remain bald… 🙁

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