Video: Abandoned homes show Gaddafi’s luxurious lifestyle

While Gaddafi’s current whereabouts are unknown, their abandoned homes in Tripoli are now open for the public to see. What they expose is a luxurious lifestyle.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal Elshayyal reports from Tripoli.

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8 Responses to Video: Abandoned homes show Gaddafi’s luxurious lifestyle

  1. Fredy says:

    Their lavish lifestyles is questionable because they had their people living in poverty. Now, the children can take a dive at Aisha’s swimming pool . Those Libyans like lavishness as well. I mean who doesn’t .

    Keep your leaders under control because their jobs can be so overwhelmingly expensive to execute and can become so damned cheap that they don’t consider the needs and wants of the people .But they can be very generous to the wealthy because they split the pie of wealth among themselves.

    Libya has got the resources to become a wealthy nation.. Oil and great people to rebuild the country. The Chinese are building numerous apartment houses . Do they employ Libyans ?

    The oil refineries provide jobs to many foreigners. Do they employ enough Libyans ?

    What is the minimum salary in Libya ?

    7 dinars per hour ?

    Can one person live on 56 dinars a day ?

    These questions are not addressed in the US like they should. Our healthcare system is a fancy business for the hospitals ,medical industries and doctors mostly.

    Young people with good integrity must lead Libya.

    Caveat, democracy can suck as well when the government is worried about it’s fears mostly and the millions of people with problems it’s not a big issue.

    This is the greediness I talk about within the people in power. It’s all about their personal fears and wants. Watch the NTC closely. That is why England and the US want the former government people to stay in power. They think they are the security providers . It’s about Power. It’s about security ensuring the Power of the ones in control. It sounds good if it’s fair but when is not then problems arise. Libyans know better than me about that.

    So who is the security for, do you really think they are worried about the people’s property being looted ? This is how the powerful justifies their security. It’s easier to have a cop invade a home than a dishonest corporation that just damaged you. If someone steals from the corporation they have the FBI to protect them. If the corporation steals from someone else a lawyer is necessary to bring them to justice. This is the USA.

    So why should we trust the NTC ? That’s life today. If people do not get involved, the rulers will just ignore them and do what they want. Democracy or not.

    The Gadaffi’s thought Libya was their property and they could use all the oil profits to their personal advantages. The NTC is handling bundles of cash. The people in Benghazi cannot sit back and say Allahu Akbar Gaddafi is cooked I want a job or my business and my home and my kids and the rest let them do the same. That’s how we live here in the US. Some says divide and rule.

    Watch the NTC balance. Ohhh , they paid us. Gadaffi too. It’s got to spelled out what the government balance is and how much are the leaders are getting paid. I bet they get paid before anybody else. Watch them how much money they carry. Are they big spenders ?

    The answer is Yes for our President. We love him, but he screwed up our economy a lot more. Handling money is delicate ,otherwise, it gets messy.

    Libya watch your money balance. Consider that your leaders are getting paid to watch and invest your money. That’s what it is.

    That’s the problem with their lavish lifestyles. Someone has got to paid for it.

    President Obama said before talking office that Bush had failed. Well, his administration has broken the debt record created in less than 4 years.
    George W. Bush was the leader. It’s a mess. This is no success.

    You are a small country. Learn from the mistakes of our big leaders. They can suck sometimes.

    Libya watch your finances.

  2. “The TV station and other media will be held under the executive committee. We are in the process of forming a supervising council.”

    Notice how they attempt to steal the freedom of the media……But correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t it the internet that got this all started. How can libya be current and efficiently productive without an open internet, and how can libya hope to sell these repititious lies if the internet is open to free speech…………..That’s your end-game, and it was obvious before the first shot was fired……

  3. “The rebels are testing how far they can get. But the Gaddafi forces at the moment seem to have drawn a red line here just to the west of Ras Lanuf it seems like they really don’t want the rebels to advance any further.”

    For whatever reason, It will take the rebel force from the east a week to get to Sirte if we allow for past activity………We need rebel(freedom fighters ) on the road from the west…….We don’t want these collusive bastards gathering in Sirte without the eyes of freedom upon them………………..

  4. 22:13 Neal Mann tweets: “After heavy shelling of the centre of town rebels have taken the town of Bin Jawad. Witnessed very organised artillery fire from the rebel forces today on outskirts of bin Jawad. Staying at a rebel compound tonight, rebels really buzzing from taking Bin Jawad, celebrating with drumming and dancing outside. Rebels have set up extra check points to check for any pro Gaddafi supporters leaving Bin Jawad.”
    Same bullshyyttt as gaddaffi………It says emphatically that they felt some ype of need to prove themself as force, probably with an eye on disarming freedom fighters……But I don’t know the difference between this and Gaddaffi….Were there any civilian casualties…………

    • If Gaddaffi couldn’t defeat mountain rebels in Nafusa, neither can they………And Nafusa now clearly understands their own power.The council will need to come correct, and unfortunately they seem to already owe too many favors for good government……..

    • On the road to Sirte from Misrata, tanks, heavy artillery and rocket launchers abandoned by fleeing government forces were being assembled for the attack.

      Rebels said a British and French special forces team was helping co-ordinate the assault, in which Misrata-based units will push eastwards to meet forces from Benghazi fighting their way westwards
      (ahhh wait, maybe they do have a little something going……..but it’s a uk paper, so I dunno…….

  5. I’d say, no further summary judgement in Tripoli. Someone has to be left to tell the story of Gaddaffi’s last days in Tripoli……..

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