Video: Al Jazeera speaks with FF saying he’s in Gaddafi’s house

Ali Lagha, an opposition fighter in Tripoli, says he’s inside the house of Mohammed Gaddafi, the Libyan leader’s eldest son, who surrendered earlier according to Al Jazeera.

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6 Responses to Video: Al Jazeera speaks with FF saying he’s in Gaddafi’s house

  1. stacey Bashford says:

    News breaking on the BBC that Muammar Gaddafi has been Arrested.

  2. Celebration of a beautiful thing……….I’m all for it…..Those that were fighting for an end to direct tyranny should dance and celebrate for the next three days. Those that want a strong country of sustained freedom and respect, should fall in under their commanders and prepare for a journey to Sirte at daybreak, leaving a contingent to mop up gaddaffi………….Also, no relief from the sea until he is captured. As it stands, as I understand, the migrants, diplomats, and press are not immediate danger. The first and only ship to dock in the interim should be medical care, food supplies and possibly tents for shelter…….

  3. Richard From France says:

    oh gosh I am so happy with them!

  4. Denis Godwin says:

    As History of Tripoli Fall unfold today, i want on behalf of young African leaders to consider the suffering caused by this revolt on humanitarian perspective and withdrew from defending the people of Libya through military defense.Gadaffi you already carry a title,please this history is more enough to keep you alive forever.Think about the entire citizens otherthan you and your allies.
    Denis Godwin
    African Youth Leadership Forum,

    • Richard From France says:

      When there is a criminal killing innocent citizens, and the police intervenes, this police intervention is not always pleasant. From this, should police be forbidden, and criminals left free? Should the police be held responsible of casualties and collateral damages during the assault? No, because it is the criminals who created the situation, and left no other choice. Please do not fall victim of the Stockholm syndrome, do not confuse responsibilities.

      Especially a Christian organization like your African Youth Leadership Forum, should not condone dictatorship and crimes in any way. You refer to Jesus, who is known as a non-violent fostering love between all human beings. But he also showed authority (the merchands in the Temple), and was a defender of freedom (as seen in the Epistles), so we cannot use his speech to defend a naive view of peace where people just submit to the tyrants.

      We may regret that the Libyan revolution was violent, but it is the psychopath who started it, and removed any other choice. Even continuing to endure submission was not allowed… So the way things happened was just the least evil.

      And my emotions goes to all who died, were maimed, tortured, imprisoned, widowed, orphaned. Please respect them, stop honoring the responsible of all this senseless suffering.

  5. Ahdieh says:

    As an Italian, I’m really so happy for libyan people. After months of sufference, you’re there! With Democracy. You will be the example of resistance for all who are living with dictatorship.Glory to all your marthyrs who fought bravely for the liberty of hispeople ane all the future generations.

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