Video: Americans aided Gaddafi

Secret documents uncovered from an abandoned intelligence building show that influential Americans were trying to help Gaddafi cling to power. One is a member of congress, the other a former ambassador.

Al Jazeera’s Jamal El Shi-yal has this exclusive report.

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22 Responses to Video: Americans aided Gaddafi

  1. Wow. Pretty incriminating.

  2. Fredy says:

    Expose the dirty truth of some of our past and current US leaders.

    Good Work Al Jazeera. This only proves that when the people don’t get involved in major government decisions the ones in power will decide at their will what’s best. Many times that means they are doing wrong things behind our backs. We the people are the ones who pay for their mistakes and wrongdoings.

    On this video there is evidence that somebody was looking for something among all those documents. It was not money or alcohol , gold or food . What were they looking for ?

    • I would say that the council members and ex gaddiffi soldiers are looking for things that incriminate them, but that is to no avail because in a libya of free intrnet and speech, that truth is going to come out of the dark corners and into the light…………

  3. Fredy says:

    I never liked former President Ronald Regan. He seemed to be a hypocrite. But he was the one who decided to bomb Gadaffi’s compound. He gold him a mad dog.

    Regan was so right on eliminating Gadaffi.

    The US did not give a damn about the atrocities being committed in Libya. The USG knew all along what was going on in Libya. Where was the Sub Human Crimes Watch and Amenity International back then ?

    We thank the USG for supporting the Libyans but it’s getting the time for the Libyans to tell them . GTFO.

    The USG negotiates with criminal governments. It’s a fact.

    It’s up to the people in those countries to show the US they want to be free from their corrupt leaders.

    I lived in Mexico for 30 years. There is no dictatorship there but there was high corruption within the government for 60 years. The USG did not mind. They did business with them.

    The USA has now a real bloody war ongoing in it’s southern border neighbor country, Mexico, because of drug market competition. The cartels are somewhat like the USG. They don’t give a shit. Making money is their first priority.

    I admit we have some great politicians in government but most of them suck. How can I put it more clearly ?

    They can be extremely cynical and indecent.

    I am ashamed of this evidence against some members of our country. That S.O.B. congressman covering Gadaffi has the eyes of the devil.

    Some of us here in the US have suffered as well for the criminal stand these assholes in power place upon us.

    The bottom line is that a democracy may be as corrupt as a Regime.

    Democracy may guarantee some changes when we the people compromise the power of the rulers. That’s like changing by force instead of justice and charity.

  4. Richard from France says:

    This is why human rights associations ask for preserving all these papers… here lie all the evidences of the regime wrong deeds

    especially this US congress policy of trying to oppose the NATO action and making it illegal in the US was remote controlled by Kadhafi… How not astonishing all this is

    and also, using other “more credible “Arab countries to pass propaganda lies from kadhafi to the US… in which bad movie the kadhafi regime found this idea???

  5. Mohammed says:

    Nothing new! We know the USA and the West supported Ben Ali, Boutfleka, Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saddam, Abdullah, Assad, Saleh, etc etc. They love kings and dictators and hate democracy in the region just inacse the people in the region choose a government that works in their best interest and not that of the west and former colonial powers.

    It was good that France took the lead in stopping the Gaddafi forces on Benghazi. I think left to the USA they would have wanted Gaddafi in Benghazi and brutally crushing the freedom fighters.

    • Rob Tomorrow says:

      You are speaking of Americans as if they were a single entity, the report from Al Jeera reveals the actions of two Americans, not all Americans. David Welsh doesn’t t represent America he represents the Bechtel Corporation Congressman Dennis Kucinich on the other hand only represents himself and technically his constituents, he is a well known “progressive”, who was a leading opposition figure against George Bush’s war in Iraq. Many on the left around the world opposed the NATO mission in Libya, i.e. Hugo Chavez.

      Without the Obama Administration’s actions the Libyan mission never would of succeeded.

      “Obama, engulfed by crises domestic and foreign, did not initiate the idea for a no-fly zone in Libya—the Europeans did—but, once he saw that Qaddafi was on the brink of slaughtering thousands of rebels in Benghazi and other eastern cities, he pushed for an even broader mandate for NATO forces.”

      Without that broader mandate, that allowed NATO to bit targets on the ground Colonel Gaddafi would still be the Dictator of Libya.

      I and many other Americans both opposed the war in Iraq, and championed the NATO involvement in Libya.

      • Obama, engulfed by crises domestic and foreign, did not initiate the idea for a no-fly zone in Libya—the Europeans did—

        It’s not that I’m touting my own horn out of arrogance, it’s that I want to keep the historical record correct for posterity. We owe them the truth of methods tht work. If you go back and look through blogs in the Chicago Sun times duing the time of the taking of Al Zawiyah by the revolutionaries, and gaddaffi shelling them with tanks, you will find that I offered the possibility of the no-fly zone, and th parameters under which it might be undertaken. These are the parameters that we are working under today……..Also, these findings present an opportunity for us to confront the security apparatus of Syria, removing online barriers to information concerning atrocity, and possibly force out the regie without the bloodshed of Libya……But I haven’t been able to find a website like this one concerning Syria where the people in and out of country can put their heads together and solve or remove the obstacles that are being placed by governmental forces in and out of country……………

      • Richard From France says:

        Reading your comment, I realize with horror that, while there was a huge support to Chile in 1973 (victim of a fascist coup, 30,000 dead), the same thing was happening in Libya in the same time (people hung in public) in the most total silence of all our “left” intellectuals. And today China and some other “left” tyrants are still crushing their people…

        So what is being “left”, if it is just to let peoples of the world being oppressed? Sarkozy today is more “left” when he helps Libya, that those intellectuals who were silent on the repression in Libya.

        • Rob Tomorrow says:

          I have been confused by the position of the left regarding NATO’s mission in Libya. Among the leftist leaders of South America, you have Fidel Castro of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Evo Morales of Bolivia, and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua, all voicing opposition to NATO intervention and support for Gaddafi
          In the US besides Dennis Kucinich you have the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition ( ), the Green Party ( ), and former Congresswoman McKinney ( ).
          I have always considered myself a leftist or progressive so the stance of these people and organizations regarding Libya has confounded me, it would seem to me that the the left would be the first to champion the right of people to self determination. The only conclusion I can come to is that it is a knee jerk reaction against NATO and US military intervention anywhere in the world at any time.

          • Richard From France says:

            I agree. But there is worse.

            it still makes some sense that “left” regimes have a clan feeling toward other “left” governments, although I wonder what “left” means if it comes to support dictatorship and torture.

            Seems that the anti-NATO stance is a remain of the cold war, when NATO was a sinister war-mongering organization and a transmission belt from the Pentagon to its European vassals. Today, facts show that this ugly view is fading, leaving place for a NATO belonging to all democracies, and defending freedom wherever in the world, without being hampered by fascist regimes like the UN Security Council. So, why to complain? It is the ultimate victory of freedom over this ancient war-mongering NATO, and a still better result than a simple suppression of this NATO.

            The worse is that the “green” parties also oppose the intervention in Libya. Same in France, and I also had some “spiritual” friends who did… I must say, this leave me aghast with surprise and incomprehension. Why environmentalists would support dictators, rapists and torturers? This is counter-natural!! Too much bad readings on the “indispensable role” of predators????

            Green parties are by no way Marxist or Soviet parties. They even not belong to this world. Green parties defend life itself, well before supporting any party, thought system, country or social policy. But also, as part of an overall human-friendly movement, they MUST be in a coherence with social movements, democracy movements, and spirituality.

            As a first hour environmentalist, I can say that something was lost by environmentalists. It was lost when environmentalists abandoned the associative and local initiatives, and became “organized” is political parties. What was the use of such a move? The only use, and the only result, was to give power to some individuals. But a true ideal cannot cohabit with the search for power, sorry. So the ideal became a simple image for gaining votes. Am I false? If yes, then all environmentalists should support the Arab Spring, instead of hampering it. Oh, too late to correct, now that they won. The bad karma is irreversibly engaged now… with no gains. how stupid.

      • Mohammed says:

        @Rob I never assume Americans are one single entity. Indeed many in USA opposed Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan.
        I am talking about the support these vicious dictators and kings have received from the governments of USA and Britain and France.

        It is far easier to have a bunch of ruling families in your pocket then a parliament with a few hundred members.

        Just like the views and actions of the arab rulers do not reflect the wishes of the people, the actions of the US government and the big corporations do not reflect the average american who just wants to live in peace. Remember those pro Iraq war corporation bosses?

        The western governments such as america have a lot to answer for like the financial and military support of Israeli state terrorism. The double standards and hypocrisy.

    • Richard From France says:

      Mohamed, I second Rob into saying that we must not generalize to all the Americans the policies and mindset of some politicians

    • Richard From France says:

      It is true that, unhappily, most of the politics of western countries were favoring despots in the Third world, as a mean to keep these countries under control.

      Happily this is changing, we see it in Libya, and in some other parts of the world. Even the USA are changing their way to lead military action, from the ruthless Vietnam war to the smart engagement rules in Libya.

  6. Libya says:

    Interesting…I like to hear more of this as I think there is more.

  7. Rob Tomorrow says:

    Thankfully the Obama Administration didn’t listen to either the right wing nuts or the left wing nuts, both greed and dogma blind people to the truth.

  8. Richard from France says:

    Pacifists in the US who were trying to stop the senseless Vietnam war all more or less went into deep trouble, being accused of being traitors or terrorists.

    So now, I suppose, this congressman who did these maneuvers will also go into deep trouble, for opposing a fair, loyal and necessary US policy. Strictly speaking, this congressman is an enemy agent, when anti-Vietnam war were just human rights advocates.

    It is alas a common feat in US politics (and generally in all democracies) to have people who disguise themselves into democrats, pacifists, scientists, while they are simply agents being paid by vested economic or ideological interests. See for instance the huge conspiracy of the climate deniers morons, where this method inflated to a point where it became cumbersome for everybody.

  9. Keijzer says:

    Of course there are individual wrong american politicians and businessmen. But the government of the US, and that is important, helped the rebels enormous! That is what matters.

    Maybe can Al Jazeera make a story of the policy of the government of Algeria in relation to the NTC. Or from other neighbours from Libya. And make a story of the tremendous help of South-African leaders to Gadaffi!!!

    • The govenment has only helped to the extent that it may be able to coopt the rebellion, and as it stands at this point, they have been 85% successful. Until the people of Libya are able to protest the floundering priorities of the council in open and boisterous numbers, Libya has exchanged one set of taskmasters for another…..I , however, believe in the people of Libya, and canno wait for the day that I myself might be able to submit an application for political asylum from the inhumane and onerous conditions found in the daiy life of the United States……But knowing the determination of the Libyans, they will aid in freeing us all, as oppossed to just harbosing a select few………Go get em!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Mr. Gross says:


  11. (Council Faux Pas) this on the interim constitution)
    First……………..In the mission statement, they offer the hope of seeking a society of citizenship, justice, equality, “booming” (with a commathat says it’s not part of the next phrase:translation error ), progress and prosperity ….Now that scares me. Progress and prosperity moves a booming society. The pursui of booming progress and prosperity leads to despotism, and inhumanity. You notice this above all else was ommitted..You could say the whole document attempts to define it…….But wait……………..They don’t have anything that guarantees freedom of speech……..Hmmmmmmmmmm

    Article 6
    Libyans are brothers……Hmmmm….Brothers and sisters of course…….

    Libyans shall be equal before the law.They shall enjoy civil and political rights, shall have the same opportunite, and be subject to the same public duties an obligations, without discrimination due to religion, belief, race, language, wealth, kiship, or political opinions, or social status……….What’s missing……cmon…….(sexual orientation…..) If sexual orientation is a disposition and you can’t scr-ew a lesbian straight, then Libya starts the day making part of the population miserable……And somewhere in there, they run against UN standards…..I have to look that up, but the truth has a ring…… . (Article 5) The state shall protect and encourage marriage……The women are clunked over the head ad taken to the cave before they even get started. …….That’s not as bad as it sounds I geuss, who can keepm a woman quiet, but I don’t like tha there is no formal recognitin of freedom of speech…

    And if this was drafted in march, Then the wealthy of Sirte, and the people who are recently turned of Gaddaffis regime failed to do their part in the public duty…..Hmmmmmm.Failed abysmally, and to serve the public duty now, they should surrender Sirte without a fight, or renounce the possibility of unassailed citizenship. This in no way excludes them of prosecution of crims committed before and during the revolutkion…….

  12. Leebee says:

    How come nobody mentions Libyans who do this as well? For example, Sufyan Omeish and the Omeish clan. Nothing but a bunch of traitors and criminals

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