Video: Exploring Gaddafi’s bunker

Al Jazeera has gained access to part of an underground tunnel network beneath Muammar Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli.

Fighting for overall control of the area around Bab al-Aziziyah is still going on.

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7 Responses to Video: Exploring Gaddafi’s bunker

  1. Victory will not complete till rat and his family(sons) are punished for their crimes. I fear that Commanders of Sirte will try to negotiate amnesty and safe passage to his family which should be declined.Libbyan Garrison however strong can not stand to might of Nato air attacks and will only invite destruction of life and properties

  2. Fredy says:

    The Misratans are fighting in Tripoli . I wanted that, I hope they get even.

  3. 42 min 51 sec ago – Libya
    The United States said Thursday it is ready to help Libyan rebels deploy police in the country once Muammar Gaddafi’s regime is fully defeated, adding the rebels suggested they might need such help.
    Delegates from the rebel National Transitional Council (NTC) discussed their security needs during a meeting of the international Contact Group on Libya in Istanbul, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told reporters.
    It is our understanding that the NTC is unlikely to request a formal peacekeeping force, but it may need UN and international community help supporting its policing needs – Victoria Nuland, US State Dept
    Fu-ck a peacekeeping force……..If I were a rebel, I woul wrap this shyytt up and assault Sirte………….If the council tries to take weapons, I’d go back andstage in Al Zaiyah or Gharyan..But under no circunstances, would I give up my weapon………

    • Richard From France says:

      Hmmm… admitting that the Libyans accept a foreign security force, well, I love the US, but in Irak they shown that they still have a lot to learn before making such a proposal. All chauvinism discarded, I still vote for the “french method” of keeping order, that France demonstrated in Somalia (UN mandate) and that India copied since in Kashmir. But does Libya really require such a security force? Seeing how things happen in Tripoli right now, seems that no.

      The only real difficulty I see is to screen out the fascist from the existing Libyan police forces, and keep the good motivated policemen in function.

  4. Mohammed says:

    It will be difficult to take back weapons! After the trauma inflicted over the years I think I would want to hold on to my gun if I was there. Although I think it will be better the sooner a new government with police and army of new Libya is formed and all weapons collected back.

    But right now it is too soon. They need to hunt the Gaddafi thugs who are intent of killing just because they can no longer have access to the countries money.

    • Richard From France says:

      In 1944 in France a similar issue happened: resistants were reluctant to surrender their weapons. Some even kept them, hidden, “in case” some kind of fascism may reappear.

      However these resistants were offered a deal: to become members of the Army, with relevant ranks. So that they were paid. Something similar may be done in Libya.

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