Video: Fierce fighting in Zliten

Revolutionaries mounted an offensive on the town of Zliten, and at 1pm local time they were said to have reached the town centre. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports.

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  1. David says:

    God bless the brave fighters! May they prevail against the evil Gaddafi! Gaddafi should be removed by the end of the year.

    After Zliten falls it may be time to consolidate gains and prepare for a month or so for the fight for Tripoli. During this time more people will defect from Gaddafi and the rebels can better plan their attack.

  2. 18:14 Reuters Thirty-two Libyan rebel fighters were killed on Friday during clashes with soldiers loyal to Muammar Gaddafi in Zlitan, east of the capital Tripoli, a rebel spokesman told Reuters.
    “Battles began in the early hours of today and the rebels have liberated most of Zlitan,” spokesman Gemal Salem told Reuters by telephone. “Now the fighting is in west of Zlitan. We have lost 32 rebels and 150 wounded.”
    “Heavy losses” Heavy, heavy losses, ……..but only a waste if you allow the gaddaffi forces at Zlitan to escape to Tripoli…..They will give ground soon………………..Stay the course……..cut off escape to the west, you don’t want to have to fight them twice………Gaddaffi is truly a dog, but now he’s just a mngy mutt in a kennel . Moving on…………………

    …”Between 40 and 50 Gaddafi forces were killed” in the fighting, while some 12 African mercenaries were captured, the statement said, adding that 40 insurgents were wounded, 10 of them seriously.

    Rebels also claimed they seized seven military vehicles, as well as weapons and ammunition.

    There was no independent confirmation of the report, which came hours after the Misrata Military Council spoke of a popular “uprising” in the centre of Zliten against Gaddafi’s regime.

  3. Also, the International Organization for Migration has launched an effort to evacuate “large numbers” of foreigners from Tripoli. The relief group said Friday that foreign nationals in the capital were becoming “increasingly vulnerable” and now want to leave.

    I’ll bet they do……..

    18:17 Associated Press NATO warplanes sunk a tugboat carrying troops loyal to Moammar Gadhafi away from the strategic western city of Zawiya as rebels advanced closer to the Libyan capital, the alliance said Friday. One of the jets used a laser-guided bomb to hit the boat, he said. “It was clear from their actions that these troops continued to pose a threat to the local population,” Major General Nick Pope said. He did not elaborate……….
    Are any of these high casualties NATO friendly fire…….That’ssomething we would need to know in order to make adjustments…….There may be a lot of need for closer coordination from here out, and frankly the Benghazi rebel leadership is damn near disreputable at this point……This will be lead and managed by a coalition of the concerned, informed, and most creative of the world communuity………The fight belongs to all of us………

  4. Fredy says:

    I think this is a good report on behalf of Al Jazeera news. It confirms to us the rebels are in control of the centre town of Zliten. Yet ,there are ongoing battles around the town according to the reporter. So lets be cautious.

    Goodness grace, what a difficult battle it has been for the rebels battling for control of Zliten. Today there are unconfirmed reports of eight dead fighters. The rebels in Zliten are determined to join the other freedom fighters closer to Tripoli at any cost. I agree with the reporter we can feel their momentum growing. It’s not at their peak yet. Lets wait until they join their partners near Tripoli. That will be the zero hour, how they call it. The moment the rebels come all together.

    Good Luck rebels in Zliten. God bless you. May you all survive in your fight to conquer your freedom.

  5. The rebels now will put pressure on Ben Walid town, a stronghold of Gaddafi supporters from the Wirfilla tribe, and allow the local few opposition forces to revolt against Gaddafi. The same thing could happen to the city of Tarhouna.
    Alright, My map doesn’t have all these little a-sstowns, and sifferent maps look different..but it seems to me there was a town called quansat or something like tha , that was under seige up the coastt not more than a week and a half ago. Whats the current status and lets ……In how many cases has he uused human shields , and how committed has he been to it….He held rallys in Zlitan not a week ao, how do the people who rallied really feel….how were they misinformed or held hostage……..establish the Gaddaffi Modus Operandi in Zlitan and Zawiyah for the last 4 mos before we decide how to move in pursuit thereof


    Fouad Zlitni, Colonel Qaddafi’s personal translator and a Libyan diplomat, argued in a telephone interview from Tripoli that the rebels did not deserve credit for their gains in Zawiyah because it was NATO bombs that made their advance possible. “They should say NATO took them to Zawiyah,” he said. “Somebody is boxing and then you raise your hand and I say, ‘I won a round.’ But it is not you.”
    This dummy still don’t get it…It wasn’t a coup from disgruntled eastern syncophants the people were fighting for, it was freedom…The NTC will be revetted……

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