Video: Rebels make gains in push for Tripoli

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One Response to Video: Rebels make gains in push for Tripoli

  1. Fredy says:

    The rebels are doing just great and the BBC reporter expects guarantees and a possible stalemate. With all the facts in favor of the rebels it’s evident the BBC is not sure. Their vision and sense of security is poor.

    I can see the rebels fighting forward fiercely . There will be resistance in any war but the one who is fighting for their motive more decisively will win in the long run. Forty two years of oppression seemed like forever. So what is a 6 month sacrifice to the rebels in return of their freedom ?

    But the freedom for all the other parties including the press and Nato is not at stake. So what are they talking about ?

    It is obvious to me that the oil refineries in Zawiya and Brega mean everything to G and he will do to hold onto them or destroy them otherwise.

    I trust the rebels, specially the Nafusa Mountain fighters.

    My sincere condolences to the families of all the lost heroes in recent battles in Zawiya ,Zliten and specially Brega where 26 fighters were killed yesterday and to all of those wounded in war. You are in my thoughts.

    Blessings . Your successes amaze me. They really do.

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