Video: Revolutionaries advance in Zawiyah

Revolutionaries say they now control almost all of Zawiyah, but Gaddafi’s forces are using rockets to strike at several parts of the city.

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4 Responses to Video: Revolutionaries advance in Zawiyah

  1. Fredy says:

    I liked the Gaddafi carpet laid on the middle of the road so the cars pass on top of it. At least the rebels are enjoying their fight. The counteroffensive is fierce because the enemy is using grad rockets. But the rebels have dealt with that successfully in the past. Let’s hope the rebels defeat them soon.

  2. 19:52 Zeina Khodr tweets: “Gaddafi forces continue to hit Zawiyah with grad rockets; no let up in the fighting. NATO jets in the skies over Zawiyah.”

    As night falls, the rocket launchers should be easier to spot…..It would seem that it is going to be a fight similar to Misirata. He has not shown a propensity for dealing with multiple fronts…It means he must be shifting equipment on the fly, and he doesn’t have the gas supply like he did…..Dig in from the rocket Launchers, (they used containers in Misirata.)do not mix the lines………..keep him at it well after dark, and stay away from the armor…….You need more activity from the Misirata side, (up on the road way that seperates Sirte from Tripoli.) and a feint from Gharyan…………..Rounds coming down range……..

    11:12 Al Jazeera English Hundreds of anti-personnel mines that were scattered throughout the area by Gaddafi’s forces have been gathered in Ajdabiya …………Why is it hat whenever they show the collection of anti-personnel mines dug up in the media, none of them ever look like they’ve been in the ground……..


    I thought we did the sniper thing in Misirata……..I’m sure gaddaffi left an armored personel vehicle laying around…if not, make your own…… Drive right up to the buildings and Get the muthabuckas……….we went with smoking tires the last time I believe.I don’t know what that would do about infrared…Seems like mountin pople wouldhae a few snipers of their own… …..they’re killing innocent children like chicago Gangsters…….

  4. America Stars says:

    US sends more Predator drones to Libya

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