Video: Scott Heidler reports on NTC press conference

Mustafa Jalil held a press conference today. Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler, reporting from Benghazi, gives a round up of the conference and discusses the challenges facing the NTC in returning law and order to the country.

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10 Responses to Video: Scott Heidler reports on NTC press conference

  1. Fredy says:

    The NTC is scared of the rebels it seems.

    They are starting to talk about their fears not the needs of the people. Foreign police in Libya. It seems the NTC is looking for trouble.

    The rebels must be on guard, you are the ones that freed Libya not the NTC. This is western crap. Why don’t you give that job to the Libyans ?

    You want to cover your butts. You people worked for Gadaffi . You were part of the regime too. You have done your share of diplomacy. Yes, but for what?

    To bring in your soldiers. You fools . You just can’t learn. If the rebels disapprove there is going to be another battle. Then what ?

    The NTC will consider the rebels an illegal force.

    The war in Libya is not over. These creeps in the NTC are cowards . They are not brave Libyans it seems. There is one leader by the name of Ghoga I would like to know what he thinks about bringing cops to Libya.

    The rule of the cowards.

    Bring in the cops. Well then what is the difference now.


    The NTC is testing the response of the rebels. Stay on guard. It can’t be worse than dealing with Gadaffi.

    Set your rules rebels. You respect the NTC but they want to overpower your command with cops.

  2. Fredy says:

    These news angered me.

    • How about this………………………………………….

      2 hours 19 sec ago – LibyaThe influential Libyan tribe of a slain rebel army commander vowed on Saturday to take justice into their own hands if rebel leaders do not release the results of an investigation into his death by the end of Ramadan.

      I would like to see them attack an army of armed men without gaddaffi’s authoritarian backing.This is Sheik shyytt…The freedom fighters have obviously had enough. And if Younnes was representative of the tribe, then there isn’t much to worry about.

      But enough of the rhetoric, lets see if they sing that tune after the fall of Sirte…………Which will most likely fall before Monday morn………….

  3. Fredy says:

    The rebels are the ones to approve the NTC and the international community in regards to their money and their business. If the rebels say NO to the NTC and the third parties then is NO. It should not be the other way around.

    The west is BLACKMAILING you if they condition the return of your money to having international cops in Libya. We are starting to see their true colors.

    Rebels, organize yourselves and speak up. Consult the leaders from the Nafusa Mountains.

    If the west was concerned for a democracy why are they imposing their will on a country that is deciding it’s own fate ?

    Law and order . There was never law and order in Libya . Why do they care now ?

    This move took me by surprise. NTC tell your foreign cops to bring tanks and a lot of ammunition. NTC if you are being blackmailed by the ones who hold your money consult the UN. Stop wasting Libya’s money with so many trips to Europe. For what ?

    It doesn’t look good. It seems like the NTC is coordinating it’s decisions with the approval of a big foreign third party.


  4. this is why you don’t just take gaddaffi people back without question………..

  5. Luv is……………………………………………….Giving Sirte five hrs to surrender…………

  6. Richard From France says:

    This is certainly a delicate moment, where the freedom fighters will want to be sure that their revolution is not taken over by some new autocrat, or by foreign powers.

    Also, it will soon be the time for justice. But it is important to note that WHATEVER JUSTICE ACTION IS TAKEN, it must be on the basis of

    1) proven facts. Dubious cases should be left with the benefit of the doubts. Many culprits will escape in this way, but it is a lesser evil than having innocents imprisoned. In 1944 in France there were cases of people accused and executed on the basis of false rumors, or for personal interests. This must not happen in Libya.

    2) real evil intend. Remember that many people were induced into wrong acts by the propaganda and lies of the ancient regime: the “good kadhafi revolution” versus the “alien invasion”, or “NATO bombing civilians”, or the freedom fighters being “al qaida”, etc.

    3) individual responsibilities only. Any person punished must be punished for his own acts only. there MUST NOT be people punished on the basis of tribe belonging or family belonging. Any mistake on this point will be a source of deep and long lasting grief into the libyan society,
    (of course a commander is responsible of the acts he commanded)

  7. Fredy says:

    Ankh I have agreed to this moment with you. First of all. No one can extort me.
    You have been accurately opposing the NTC but now that they want to bring foreign cops into the country you are joking about a Libyan tribe wanting to extort someone like me.

    What are you stupid ?

    Your stand is weak.

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