Video: Trauma at Abu Salim hospital

The Abu Salim hospital has been cut off from the outside world due to heavy clashes in the area. The hospital is severely understaffed and cut off from medical supplies. Al Jazeera’s Andrew Simmons reports.

Warning: This video contains images that may be disturbing.

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8 Responses to Video: Trauma at Abu Salim hospital

  1. Fredy says:

    Amnesty International has no opinion on what we just saw. These institutions talk the same language as England and the US.


    This is exactly what the rebels are doing . They are bringing back SANITY to Libya. The rebels are dealing with psychopaths.

    I never heard Amnesty International question the countless murders against innocent civilians in the hands of the police in the USA and England and many other countries. Plus we have not seen any evidence.

    It is obvious that Amenity International is unsympathetic to the rebels and they have little or no foundation for what they are saying. A few cases is not enough. The enemy receives surgical care and are not executed or left to die.

    What we saw on this video is called war crimes. Actually is total disregard for other people’s lives. NO., the rebels have gained our sympathy by being warm hearted and brave. What we see on this video is an act of coward who want to rule with terror. If the rebels beat up a thug consider it part of the battle for the rebels don’t mess with unarmed people.

    Amenity International, Subhuman Crimes Watch and the NYTribes suck. Their job is meaningless to the revolution. They’re just like a media source that is picking on a movie star. I find them repugnant.

  2. Richard From France says:

    What strikes me is the “neutral” tone, inducing to think without saying it, that the freedom fighters are equally responsible for this dreadful situation.

  3. Mohammed says:

    Below is a disturbing article from the Independent:

    I hope the freedom fighters will allow due process and arbitarily execute people just because they are not from Libya or on a hunch. I appreciate the anger and suffering of those opposing that criminal sadistic butcher Gaddafi.

    But one thing Libyan freedom fighters must acknowledge Gaddafi is Libyan, his family his Libyan, His regime is Libyan, many of his supporters are Libyan! I know some think that there is no ay a Libyan can commit attrocities against another Libyan but the reality is it was Libyans who committed the crimes.

    Just as in Tunisia Ben Ali and criminal regime are all Tunisians and Mubarak and his cronies are Egyptians.

    Yes there were mercenaries some came willingly for money from another country and I think they should be tried in court and if evidence suggests they were guilty of killing and rape then they should be dealt with accordingly. But don’t forget many also were forced to fight. These were poor migrant workers from Algeria, Egypt, and Sub Saharan Africa, just as new young conscripts tricked and taken to the front lines against their will.

    Yes some of these criminals who fought for Gaddafi for money may escape punishment in this life but not on the day of judgement.

    I know it is easy for me to speak about restraint from outside Libya and I am not sure how I would react if I discovered the women in my family were raped and executed.

    The freedom fighters have to be organised, united and above all practice justice.

  4. Mahmoud Shammam, a spokesman for the rebel council, told reporters in Tripoli that the rebel government had begun shifting from Benghazi to Tripoli, taking over official buildings and setting up a security committee.
    He also said some people from Gadhafi’s regime would be included in the new government.
    “The only people we are going to exclude are the people who killed others and stole money,” Shammam said in Tripoli.
    (do not lay down your arms……..These are the same crooks that held back the eastern advance..))))))))))))))))))))))))))))………….Ankhcometh………give me a gaddaffi……………………any gaddaffi of the big three..It will give legitimacy to the effort and aspirations of the people……………

  5. There has been fighting in the oil port of Ras Lanuf, with reports of pro-Gaddafi snipers based in the town, that is hindering the ability of rebel fighters to mover further west toward Sirte, Gaddafi’s hometown and stronghold.
    Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland reporting from the Ras Lanuf said: “It is a hard fought battle in Ras Lanuf, but it is not over yet.”
    However, negotiations between rebel fighters and pro-Gaddafi fighters are taking place as “rebels say they are very keen to end the conflict without any more bloodshed, as for as their concerned for Gaddafi it is game over”. Rowland said.
    The rebels are still moving heavy weapons and troops forward.
    One rebel colonel told Rowland, “We want the negotiations to succeed, but we are moving the weapons forward to show that if it cannot be resolved by talking it will be resolved by force.”

    (Isn’t heavy weapons on a civilian area the reason nato got involved in the first place….I say that if they lob one fu-cking projectile, bomb their bytch a-sses…They don’t haVE THE SAME ACCURACY Nato has conspicuously displayed.)

  6. 1 hour 26 min ago – LibyaAlgeria on Saturday formally denied that a convoy of armoured cars that could be carrying top Libyan regime officials had crossed its borders.
    “This information is baseless and we deny it categorically,” the foreign ministry said following a report by Egypt’s official news agency.
    An Algerian border official earlier said the reported crossing was unlikely as no such sighting had been reported by local residents, although he confirmed the border post of Debdeb in the Ghadames area was open. – AFP
    (where could the “king of Africa” hope to hide. This shows why the old guard isn’t qualified to administer an open media……..Now that is somethibng they could use some intl assistance in, I would surmize. But a Julian Assange type, not a state dept type….Whatever happened to him, aint been heard from since he met the young republicans in middle America………….Sellout?

  7. Fredy says:

    My hopes for Libya are on the rebels. I think there are divisions within the NTC.
    Will see.

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