Zawiyah residents rushed into the streets, greeting revolutionaries with “Allahu Akbar” chants

AP A rebel force of about 200 fighters advancing from the south reached a bridge on Az-Zawiyah’s southwestern outskirts, and some rebels pushed farther into the city’s central main square.

They tore down the green flag of Gaddafi’s regime from a mosque minaret and put up two rebel flags. An Associated Press reporter traveling with the rebels saw hundreds of residents rush into the streets, greeting the fighters with chants of “God is great.”

Gaddafi’s forces then counterattacked, unleashing rounds of heavy shelling and gunfire could be heard as rebels and government troops battled.

Regime snipers were firing down from rooftops on the rebels, said one resident, Abdel-Basset Abu Riyak, who joined to fight alongside the rebels when they entered the city. He said Gaddafi’s forces were holed up in several pockets in the city and that there were reports of reinforcements coming from Tripoli, though there was no sign of them yet.

Speaking to the AP by telephone, Abu Riyak said residents were now joining up with the rebels’ assault, saying, “95 percent of Az-Zawiyah’s people are with the revolution.”

“There is shooting from all sides,” said another rebel, 23-year-old Ibrahim Akram. “The people joined us. Fierce clashes are still ongoing, but thank God our numbers are great.”

Source: Associated Press via Al Jazeera English

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14 Responses to Zawiyah residents rushed into the streets, greeting revolutionaries with “Allahu Akbar” chants

  1. Scott says:

    GLORY AT ZAWIYAH. Please know that there are those of us in the USA that have been watching this story from the beginning, from February 17th, with deep loyalty because we are awestruck at the purity, steadfastness, and glory on the field that these men are experiencing. These are truly the people of God. This is not about corporations or class or politics. This is a sacred war and I wish peace upon these families after these men experience life or death but CLEARLY glory in this life. You should be proud – now your country is free, you are not owned by corporations. NEVER LET YOURSELVES BE CONTROLLED BY CORPORATIONS. Follow your saints.

  2. TheThinker1958 says:

    these are just great news.
    I can’t wait to see Tripoli free.
    I’m from Montreal and I’m following the news through tweeter in a daily basis because I care.

  3. A french guy says:


  4. Toomey says:

    Only 200 fighters?? What the heck is the Resistance doing? Trying to pointlessly throw away the lives of their loyal volunteers? Don’t they realize that Gaddafi is going to be defending this city with EVERYTHING he’s got? Hell, Zawiya’s like the capital city’s next-door neighbor and Gaddafi will go to the ends of the Earth to ensure that the rebels stay out. I can only hope that the NLA has something else up their sleeve that they’re being discreet about….

    • Richard from France says:

      All what the Libyan army (the freedom fighters) do looks absurd and impossible on a military point of view. However they are winning… They force the admiration

    • JP says:

      I don’t really believe that number. Gharman is being taken by arround 6.000 FF fighters. Maybe the operation to take that bridge only took 200 fighters while other fighters advancing into the city.

    • emca says:

      Evidently the 200 number intended only for an initial attack (probe?), but caught Zentan command off guard do to lack of resistance on part of the Qaddafi pack within Zawiya. Its was after all no secret this foray was in the works since the fall of Bir-Ghanam earlier this week, so you might wonder whether Qaddafi was somehow otherwise distracted or hampered, given its string of losses recently.

      In any case, reportedly reinforcements and armament are being sent to Zawiyah so Qaddafi’s forces won’t be the only ones responding to recent FF advances (NATO also involved in disrupting a counterattack, again according to reports, since ever faithful to Qaddafi creed, the regime again will be shelling en mass).

  5. Free Azzawia says:

    during the past 30 hour period Kadafi’s forces get bombarded heavily in Al Watya, and get heavily attacked in Azzawia, Tawarga, Garyan, Zliten, and Brega!

    I can imagine how Kadafi must be felling uterly mad at this moment, frustrated, and completely paranoid deyond belief during these moments! I would not wish to be the person responsible for keeping him up to speed with the ongoing situation. He must be sleeping with nightmares and must be foaming from his mouth in disbelief and anger! The power of a egocentric megomaniac is coming to and end and slipping through his fingers like vanishing sand and his propaganda machine can do nothing to save him…

    • Richard from France says:

      “… his propaganda machine can do nothing to save him…”

      But I have several friends muddled by this propaganda, and who thinh that “NATO is bombig Libya and killing babies” or “Again a war of Occident against the Third World”…

      So the sooner this farce ends, the better.

      Te same happened with Sri Lanka, where the fascists claimed that the army deliberately aimed at hospitals and civilians, and today these lies are in Wikipedia and still many western politicians are saying that Sri Lanka Government is oppressing the Tamuls and keep them in camps.

  6. Fredy says:

    200 brave men vs a thousand cowards.

    The 200 brave men won this time.

  7. Julian Izzo says:

    i can’t beleive that the rebels have made it this far near the heart of Libya(Tripoli),may God be with them always

  8. sarcastical says:

    “Patriot” is silent. You ran out of off-topic counter-articles?

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