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EU lifts sanctions against Libyan Airlines

European sanctions against Libyan Airlines have been lifted following the political developments in the North African state. The European Union placed sanctions on Libya in a regulation dated 2 March, gradually extending the restrictions to various entities. It included Libyan … Continue reading

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Gaddafi used torture squads in bid to preserve rule

Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi deployed special squads which held suspected opponents in shipping containers, tortured them for information about insurgent networks and disposed of their bodies in unmarked graves in a campaign to smash the revolt against his rule. Evidence gathered … Continue reading

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Video: Khaled Kaim arrested

Gaddafi’s deputy foreign minister has been captured in Tripoli. The NTC has confirmed that they have Khaled Kaim in their custody. Al Jazeera’s James Bays says although Kaim’s title does not seem very senior, this is important as he was … Continue reading

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Libya’s Dark Lesson for NATO

THE war in Libya may be one of those quietly telling moments in the history of more important nations. For the first time, the United States has taken a secondary role — “leading from behind,” if “leading” is even the … Continue reading

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Libya’s other wealth: Archaeological treasures

(CNN) — Before Moammar Gadhafi, there were the Phoenicians. And the Greeks. The Romans. The first Arabs. They’re a reminder that no civilization — and no leader — is forever. The Libyan transitional leaders have a lot to deal with … Continue reading

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September 6th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli: 16:05 Neal Mann Unit of rebels has just been ambushed during fighting (~80km from Sirt), one dead & at least 6 wounded brought in to field hospital just back from front line. This is the heaviest … Continue reading

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