Audio: A meeting with Gaddafi’s former foreign minister – now a captive.

James Bays speaks to former foreign minister, now that he has been taken captive by the revolutionaries.

A meeting with Gaddafi”s former foreign minister – now a captive. AUDIO. (mp3)

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  1. “The idea is to give time to negotiations which is going on between the tribes in Sirte.”
    She said some tribal leaders based in Nawfalia and Ben Jawad area have been given the role of negotiating on behalf of the NTC.
    “NTC is trying to get some sort of tribal allegiance as it will play very important role in the final outcome in Sirte,” our correspondent said.
    This goes againstthe Interim agreement or constitution , which states emphatically that the country will not be ran by tribal alliances……..The Eastern army took to the field to pervert justice, and nothing coul be more obvious. The blood shed in Sirte will be nothing compared to the blood sed in a continuous fight if the Council and the alread proven manipulative world powers ontine to try and rape Libya of her life’sblood.
    The council also said there was no rush to get Gaddaffi, he is of no economic importance. What about the humanity that is now under the rule of his despotic tyranny, fellow Libyans………Will the council ask them to embrace his proven tyranny until they make deals with the world powers. And how do they cut deals for the direction of Libyans, without resolving what the consensus Libyan voice desires……This is a farce of epic porportions……….and only the most naive and negligent would find it acceptable……..

  2. Are we going to hold the U.S. official who tried to aid Gaddaffi after he had been issued a warrant of arrest by the ICC acciountable for the injustice he hoped to help perpetrate against the Libyan people……….

  3. “We would like to tell our people that we are well and good. The leader [Muammar Gaddafi] is fine. We have more than 20,000 armed youths and we are ready to fight.” More child abuse, and yet the council wantsto wait, and wait, and wait,and misdirect…….Gaddafi says he will fight from mountain to mountain..

  4. ..Gaddafi says he will fight from mountain to mountain………………………from tibets to nafusa………….He controls and/or can harass the oil fields. The council is full of shyytt……..they aren’tb even trying……..

  5. newday says:

    cnn last night covered the plight of the animals left abandoned at the tripoli zoo. animals are going without food and water while sitting under the blazing sun. is somebody going to help? is there a NGO out there who can lend aid? i want to donate if it’ll help but don’t know who to donate to.

    how are they going fix the water shortage in the city? it needs to be done quickly. please don’t allow the animals to perish.

  6. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

    The work does not end with the end of an oppressive regime. Winning a war offers no guarantee of winning the peace that follows. What happens in the coming days will be critical.”
    Did you read my latest comments chick…………We need the internet up across Libya, and we need to slow down the funds….If Gaddaffi and tripoli supposedly fell for lack of funds, then letting him have his money, through council shills, and some territory in the south and a couple of weeks is only going to give him the opportunity to recruit more mercenaries. ……………….Ankhseesall……….The US is fully complicit in this murderous debacle…………Yeah, the next days are critical….Has the council sealed that border.And it makes it harder for Nato………

  7. Free Azzawia says:

    Kadafi is simply talking for the sake of talking. No one cares what is coming out of his mouth these days. He reminds me of Hitler in his last days at his bunker rallying imaginary troops to fight to the end and bring victory to him, giving oders to battalions and divisions who no longer existed or had long capitulated… I clearly remember his speaches a few months ago when he stated thet everyone in Libya loved him, the absolutely loved him, 100% garanteed and there was no one against him, except a few misinformed kids on drugs… He is in full control and any claims to the contrary is propaganda. His is beyond dilusionary and living in a world of his own creation within his solitary mind.

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