September 22nd Updates

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Reuters20:30 Reuters Libya’s new rulers may be basking in international goodwill after Muammar Gaddafi’s overthrow but that support failed to win them a coveted U.N. atomic agency board seat on Thursday when most delegates backed neighbouring Egypt instead.

In a rare display of regional disunity on nominating members for the 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the African group failed to agree on which two countries should represent them over the next two years.

Egypt and Libya, which have both seen the overthrow of strongmen this year, both sought one of the two African seats, alongside Tanzania.

The issue had to be settled by a vote in the full plenary of the annual gathering of the IAEA’s 151 member states, which Egypt went on to win by 87 ballots against 28 for Libya.

Reuters19:37 Reuters The European Union said on Thursday it had eased a freeze on assets of the Libyan Central Bank and several other entities to support the building of a new government.

An EU statement said that in line with last week’s U.N. Security Council resolution on Libya, frozen funds from entities would be released “for humanitarian and civilian needs, to support renewed activity in the Libyan oil and banking sectors and to assist with building a civilian government”.

16:50 Al Jazeera The number of landmines planted by Gaddafi troops in the district between Ajdabiya and Sirte towns, is estimated at 60 thousand anti-personnel and anti-armour landmines.

twitter16:15 Hadeel al Shalchi tweets: “BaniWalid front is super dead today. Rev fighters beginning to abandon it, very few cars w rebels to be seen”

15:41 Al Arabiya reports that the former Libyan prime minister has been arrested in Tunisia.

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