September 24th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

AFP17:24 AFP A series of blasts that rocked Tripoli and sent up a huge black plume of smoke on Saturday was “accidental,” a fighter for Libya’s National Transitional Council said.

“This was just an accident. The weapons store exploded by itself. This was not caused by anyone,” the NTC fighter, Abdel Basset Hussein, told AFP outside the naval base housing the munitions.

The series of explosions had erupted earlier in the afternoon, causing jitters among residents in the eastern districts of city where the naval base is located.

Reuters16:31 Reuters Libyan provisional government forces have found weapons believed to be banned internationally near Sabha and Wadan, the head of the National Transitional Council (NTC), Mustafa Abdel Jalil, said on Saturday.

“There are weapons believed to be internationally forbidden, and they are under our control,” Abdel Jalil told a news conference in Benghazi, monitored in Cairo. “We will seek help from local experts and the international community to get rid of these weapons in a suitable way,” he added.

twitter12:43 Barry Malone tweets: “NATO saying won’t comment on Sirte today. Our reporters are now inside Sirte with NTC fighters, about 1km from the centre of town.”

AFP12:32 AFP 30 Libyan fighters were killed in an assault on Bani Walid today, according to a local doctor. A northern front commander said another 50 had been wounded.

AP10:27 Associated Press Muammar Gaddafi’s daughter has said in an audio recording that her father is in high spirits and fighting alongside his supporters against the revolutionary forces who swept his regime from power.

In her first public remarks since the fall of Tripoli a month ago, Aisha Gaddafi accused the country’s new leaders of being traitors, noting that some of them were members of Gaddafi’s regime before defecting in the civil war.

“Those who have betrayed the pledge they offered [to Gaddafi], how come they won’t betray you?” she said in a warning to Libyans.

NATO09:00 NATO has been active over Sirte all night, planes still overhead.

twitter08:43 Zeina Khodr tweets: “Build up of anti #Gaddafi forces at the western enterance of #Sirte … They intend to advance to city shortly”

“Anti #Gaddafi forces want to evacuate families originally from #Misrata in “residential area 1″ in #Sirte and hold that territory.”

” Anti #Gaddafi fighters firing #Grad rockets into sirte as they start their push into #Gaddafi hometown.”

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