September 26th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

Reuters21:42 Reuters Libya’s new rulers plan to abolish the state security courts used by Muammar Gaddafi to imprison political dissidents, the country’s interim justice minister said on Monday.

Mohammed al-Alagi told a news conference the proposal had been formulated by judicial experts and would be put forward shortly to the leadership of the Transitional National Council, Libya’s unelected caretaker leadership, for approval.

His announcement was greeted by several journalists and human rights activists with applause and a cry of Allahu Akbar (God is greatest).

Reuters21:38 Reuters Tuareg tribesmen fought skirmishes at the weekend with armed groups affiliated to Libya’s interim government, two sources with local contacts told Reuters.

Al Jazeera15:33 Al Jazeera English Libyan provisional government forces backed by NATO warplanes raced into the eastern outskirts of Sirte on Monday and fought street battles with Muammar Gaddafi loyalists.

Thick black smoke billowed into the air as National Transitional Council (NTC) fighters battled loyalist troops at a
roundabout about 2 km from the centre of the deposed leader’s home town, Reuters journalists said.

AFP15:00 AFP The United Nations is expected to end its emergency humanitarian operations in Libya at the end of November, the UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya Panos Moumtzis said on Monday.

Humanitarian operations are “for the time being expected for the next eight weeks until the end of November,” he told reporters.

“We hope the country will be in a new phase” by then, Moumtzis said,explaining that at that point Libya would be in need of “technical” assistance, to develop the country and bring about electoral and judicial reforms.

He added that the country’s new authority, the Transitional National Council, had indicated it wanted to take responsibility for humanitarian issues by the end of November.

Al Jazeera13:02 Al Jazeera English Libya has resumed oil production for the first time since the revolution, tapping 15 wells and producing some 31,900 barrels per day, Italian energy giant Eni said Monday.

Eni said production had resumed at the Abu-Attifel fields, about 300km south of the city of Benghazi. Other wells would be reactivated soon to reach the “required volumes to fill the pipeline” between the Abu-Attifel field and the Zuetina port.

The operations are being conducted by Mellitah Oil & Gas, a partnership between Eni and Libya’s state-run National Oil Corp.

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