September 29th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

AFP10:00 AFP Libyan fighters have appealed to NATO to step up the air strikes against pro-Gaddafi targets in and around Bani Walid.

An AFP correspondent said that despite heavy use of tanks, rocket launchers and artillery, the NTC forces had not advanced from positions held for the past few days in the desert town 170 kilometres (100 miles) southeast of Tripoli.

“There is always incoming missile and artillery fire. We are returning fire with heavy weapons but we are not sending in infantry. We are waiting for reinforcements,” Captain Walid Khaimej told AFP.

Reuters09:52 Reuters Libya’s interim justice minister Mohammed al-Alagi said on Wednesday he was ready to work with Scottish authorities to probe the possible involvement of others in the Lockerbie bombing apart from the sole Libyan convicted for the attack.

Answering a question through an interpreter at a news conference, he said: “I’d like to confirm that we are accepting any facts that might arise in this regard, if there is any suspicion about any other person.”

“We will cooperate in this regard with whoever has any other facts, according to international treaties.”

Earlier, the NTC had said that the case of the Lockerbie bombing was closed.

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