September 8th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

HRW17:00 Human Rights Watch It’s possible that thousands of rockets and other weapons have gone missing from Gaddafi’s warehouses, Peter Bouckaert from Human Rights Watch has said. If these were to fall into the wrong hands, there will be a flight ban over all of Africa. Many of the missing rockets are highly advanced. An analyst in Washington said these rockets are the “ideal type for terrorists.” They are lightweight and easy to conceal. They types range from the older SA-7 to the newer, advanced SA-24.

NOS13:06 NOS Pro-Gaddafi forces in the town of Bani Walid fired rockets at the troops surrounding the town. At least ten explosions were heard. Extra troops arrived overnight at Bani Walid.

AP10:12 Associated Press Two enraged Libyan students have barged into their embassy in the Philippine capital to try to evict diplomats they suspect remain loyal to former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

AP reporters saw the students scale the embassy’s steel gate and then scuffle with guards. They broke open a wooden door and tried to look for two of four Libyan diplomats inside they accuse of remaining loyal to Gaddafi.

Al Jazeera08:00 Al Jazeera English The president of Burkina Faso has denied that Gaddafi is in his country.

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