October 20th Updates

New York: London: Tripoli:

17:55 Al Jazeera reports that Saif al Islam Gaddafi has been captured.

14:30 Al Jazeera NTC military official Abdul Hakim Belhaj has said that Gaddafi has indeed died.

BBC13:44 BBC Mahmoud Shammam has said that Gaddafi was captured while trying to flee Sirte. He says there are big speculations but there is no confirmation. The NTC are meeting in Benghazi and will come out with a statement of clarification.

13:44 Al Jazeera is reporting that Gaddafi has died of his injuries.

12:18 Al Jazeera An NTC official has told al-Jazeera that Gaddafi has been captured and was wounded while being detained. There is still no independent verification available.

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7 Responses to October 20th Updates

  1. Fredy says:

    Behave and get out of the way of the revolution Dr Jibril. This is not a blue collar renaissance movement. The majority in Libya are Muslims.

    Don’t like it. GO.

  2. francesca_fr says:

    Hey! Today is October 11, and the “latest updates” are for Oct 04.!
    What’s going on?
    I like to think that the team running this site are now very busy maybe setting up a political party, or taking part in the day-to-day administration of their city or whatever, which means they have less time available. However I would like to know, so that I’m not disappointed every time I log in and there’s nothing new, so I have to do the rounds of AJE, BBC and so on.
    Please admin, let all of us know what the st

  3. francesca_fr says:

    Must have bashed the wrong key, as my comment was posted before I even finished, but I think you get the idea……

  4. sakyabuni says:

    I hope they can hang in there — and not become like our American Congress!

  5. stacey Bashford says:

    Hoping the new’s of Qaddafi’s death is correct .

  6. Kazakh says:

    Long-awaited congrats to the free Libyan brothers and sisters!

    Kazakhstan must be liberated right after Syria.

  7. J. Shriner says:

    Sakyabuni? I’m pretty sure they’re much more disciplined than our Congress in US. The Tea Partiers would have the country sink like a stone then jump in in 2016 with a ‘save’ toward normalcy using all the good ideas they passed up while O’bama %%- was president. I’m satisfied the NTC is WAY more focused on a positive future and they’ve had SO many losses to achieve this victory. Am glad we could ‘get away with’ joining NATO in helping…never mind that 100% of the Senate on March 1st, 2011 voted to do just what we did: Help enforce a No-Fly Zone and protect lives. I’m late catching up with the news however. Perhaps just as well as I was chewing my nails as things were there for awhile. Best to you and all here. Bye for now. J.

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