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  1. Simon Hoare says:

    People of Zawiya

    Though I never knew you
    I felt I could hear your screams
    I wish I could have helped you
    You just wanted to be free

    I was useless to you – just useless
    You fought so bravely…….
    But the world had already let you down
    A long time before

    Though in the end you had to submit
    You fought ugliness with beauty
    Because you were right
    And they were wrong

    And though they tried to cover your dead bodies with sand
    They can never wash the blood from their hands
    And they can never be beautiful like you
    Because you were fighting for the truth

    You were fighting to be free
    Fighting to speak your minds
    Fighting so bravely for this ‘til you died
    And I was just useless, I just cried

    But you will always be remembered as heroes
    And no matter what lies they tell
    They will always be remembered as liars, murderers and thugs
    And you will always be remembered as the true and good people of Zawiya

    May 4 2011

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