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Demonstrators down airplane

Libyan demonstrators have taken down an airplane near Misrata. Gaddafi’s forces have been attempting to retake the city, but so far demonstrators have fended off all their attacks. The aircraft was said to target the local radio station. Read the … Continue reading

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Libya’s significance

Mouin Rabbani argues that, unlike Egypt or Tunisia, Libya’s revolution cannot but result in regime change. “Libya does not possess autonomous state institutions or state-sponsored elites with the capacity to force out the leader in order to perpetuate their custodianship … Continue reading

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Photos: More of the Libyan Air Force is joining the revolution

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Translated: Misratah demonstrators capture a Brigadier and relative to Gaddafi

Translation: Our young brave rebels in Misurata have managed this morning to attack Hamza security Battalion and expelled them from its fortress place at the airbase/Air Academy/Air defence and the young brave rebels have managed to capture some of the … Continue reading

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US to impose sanctions ahead of the UN

A whitehouse spokesperson announced today that the US is to impose unilateral and multilateral sanctions on the US. Although he did not go into detail as to what kind of sanctions will be imposed. He also said that US spy … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Mass of protesters moving to Martyr Square

15:12 Al Jazeera English Eyewitness says there was gunfire after friday prayer. They went towards Tripoli and were joined on the way by other protesters. Live on television it appears another person takes the phone and yells at him, saying … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Eyewitness account from doctor in Libya

“I recently spoke on BBC news but unfortunately I was on my way back from Gatwick airport to Sheffield on the train and my battery died. I have spent the last weeks in Tripoli. There are a few things I would … Continue reading

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Pilots were executed for refusing regime orders.

Ben Wedeman (CNN) tweeted: Libyan Air Force pilot tells me that a colleague in base near Tripoli says pilots executed for refusing regime orders.

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BREAKING: Witnesses from Az-Zawiya attack this morning

An eye witness over the phone with Al Jazeera English described the situation in Az-Zawiya today. He said there were around 35 military cars with soldiers and they opened fire at 6 am and continued shooting for 5 hours non stop. … Continue reading

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Security forces attack Misrata

An eyewitness has told Reuters via telephone that pro-Gaddafi forces have attacked anti-government militias near Misrata. The witness says several people have been killed. “Khamis’s brigade launched a violent attack on protesters near the airport this morning at around 10:30 … Continue reading

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