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Video: aftermath of NATO fighter jet raid on revolutionaries

At least 12 people are reported to have been killed when a coalition plane enforcing the no-fly zone fired on a rebel convoy between Brega and Ajdabiya late on Friday night. Doctors at a hospital in Ajdabiya told the BBC … Continue reading

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Misratah Video: wreckage of Gaddafi’s military convoy after coalition air strikes today

Wefaq Media have uploaded a video that shows Gaddafi’s military convoy that attempted to enter Misratah from the heavy goods entrance. The convoy was composed of one tank and a number of military trucks.

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Video: Belgian F16s bombard storage facility and airplane

Belgian newspaper De Standaard has posted two videos of Belgian F-16 fighter jets in action. The first video shows them bombing a storage facility at a regime-controlled airfield, the second shows them bombing a Libyan plane.

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BREAKING: Misratah port under attack right now from several small military boats

Feb17Voices LPC #Misrata caller: Port under attack right now, shelling, several small boats being used – Mohammed, Misrata Committee member. #Libya Listen!

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Audio: Chris McGreal – If coalition continue air strikes, there might be nothing stopping the revolutionaries

Chris McGreal reports from the frontline, 80km east of Sirte. “The bulk of the rebel forces is holding back around here, while the coalition air forces strike at Gaddafi’s armour,” Chris says. Listen! Chris has advanced with the rebels from … Continue reading

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Fear and uncertainty in Tripoli

Eyewitness accounts from Tripoli, collected by the BBC, paint a picture of the current mood in the capital city. “Every night in Tripoli, since the coalition air strikes began, people race to the rooftops of their buildings or houses at … Continue reading

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Video: Tornado fighter jets bombs Gaddafi tank

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Cameron says No Fly Zone has had an “early and and good effect”

MARCH 23RD UPDATES – This post is being constantly updated All times are in Libyan local time GMT +2 If the title doesn’t match the link you followed, then your news item is further down the page. 14:36 Guardian Cameron … Continue reading

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