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Amazing: Small boy in Al Bayda speaks gems

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In depth report: What has happened to the Libyan military so far?

Translated by Libyafeb17.com | Original article: Al Jazeera Arabic The joining of many of the military, air force and naval forces to the revolutionaries has strengthened their position in demand for the resignation of Colonel Gaddafi. It also reduced the … Continue reading

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Al Jazeera coverage of Al-Bayda – Feb 19

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Update: Reuploaded GRAPHIC Al Bayda Hospital footage

A while back, Youtube deleted the extremely graphic video we posted earlier which was shot in Al Bayda hospital. The video was removed by Youtube because it broke their Terms and Conditions as being “disgusting”. Well, this is specifically why … Continue reading

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Live ammunition used in Al-Bayda – Immense bravery

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BREAKING: Comprehensive hospital footage in Al-Bayda VERY GRAPHIC

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Demonstrations in Al-Bayda

Chanting: “It is your turn! It is your turn! Gaddafi you dictator” “The people want the toppling of the regime” “the Libyan people have reached their limit. Gaddafi go to Jedda!”

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Eyewitness reports: Protesters from Al Bayda are arriving in Benghazi to support the protests!

More from LibyanYouthMovement. Eyewitnesses have just confirmed that protesters from Al Bayda have arrived in Benghazi to support the protests in Benghazi. Al Jazeera English has also just reported and confirmed with a doctor in a Benghazi hospital that there … Continue reading

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UK Foreign Secretary condemns violence

“The British foreign secretary William Hague has condemned the use of “unacceptable and horrifying” violence by the Libyan authorities and called on governments across the Arab world to respond to the “legitimate aspirations” of their people”, The Guardian’s live blog … Continue reading

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What happens in Tripoli is vital

In an interview with the BBC, former British Ambassador in Libya Oliver Miles has said that what happens next in Tripoli is the big question. The situation in Tripoli at the moment is tense but calm, he said. Many people … Continue reading

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