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Libyan forces storm protest camp in Benghazi

USA Today reports that at 5:00 am on Saturday, special forces attacked protesters in front of the courthouse in Benghazi, firing tear gas on protesters in tents and clearing the area. Many of the protesters, including lawyers and judges, fled … Continue reading

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Funeral processions of the fallen martyrs in Al Bayda city 18 Feb

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HORRIFIC VIDEO – Teenager shot dead with a bullet to the head in Al Bayda- WARNING GRAPHIC

No words can describe this….

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Aamir Saad (Political activist) speak to Al Jazeera Arabic – English translation

Translation: Aamir: …Their cousin, their family and neighbours. How would you feel if you were to find your brother or son have been killed by African mercenaries? The protesters in Al Bayda have been able to seize control of the … Continue reading

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The current protests – update from various twitter feeds

Word from the ground has it that the army is surrounding mosques to prevent people from protesting. There are also reports of people marching towards Saadi Gaddafi in Bayda, who is currently also being protected by the army. People are … Continue reading

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Al-Bayda in hands of the people

Reuters now has also reported that the eastern city of Al-Bayda is in the hands of the people after they were joined by some local police officers. The city is no longer under control of Gaddafi Read more here

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The death toll

The official media are slowly adjusting their death count upwards. The BBC this morning speaks of a possible 24 deaths over the past two days. This is shared by the New York Times. Amnesty International say they’ve confirmed 12 deaths, … Continue reading

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More footage of killed protesters in a hospital morgue in Al Bayda

At least seven bodies can be seen on the morgue floor.

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Footage of four martyrs in a hospital morgue in Al Bayda

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Ambulances arrive at a hospital in Al Bayda

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