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Have Gaddafi tanks gone underground?

Ian Black in The Guardian yesterday wrote about the various tactics Gaddafi forces employ to prevent NATO air strikes against them. They deliberately hide near or in civilian buildings where NATO would fear causing collateral damage. Now, it seems, Gaddafi’s … Continue reading

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Video: Sky News team comes under fire from Gaddafi’s troops

While on the scene where a convoy of revolutionaries was hit by coalition air strikes, a Sky News team comes under fire from Gaddafi’s troops.

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Video: Tornado fighter jets bombs Gaddafi tank

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BREAKING: A Brigadier and a Colonel killed by Revolutionaries in Zawiya today

This post is being constantly updated All times are in Libyan local time +2 GMT 2030 A number of Gaddafi’s forces were killed in Az Zawiya today, amongst them a Brigadier and a Colonel 2025 Dr Ali AsSallabi tells Al … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Revolutionaries kill high ranking Officer from Khamees battalion

Update from Az Zawiya: Revolutionaries have also managed to kill a high ranking Officer from the Khamees battalion. Gaddafi forces managed to place snipers on some of the highest building in Az Zawiya and have been shooting at people indiscriminately. … Continue reading

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Video of soldiers who were martyred

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In depth report: What has happened to the Libyan military so far?

Translated by Libyafeb17.com | Original article: Al Jazeera Arabic The joining of many of the military, air force and naval forces to the revolutionaries has strengthened their position in demand for the resignation of Colonel Gaddafi. It also reduced the … Continue reading

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Northern Irish compensation deal put on hold

In 2009, Northern Irish MPs opened up talks with the Libyan government in order to secure a multi-million compensation deal for victims of the Irish Republican Army. Gaddafi supplied the IRA during its armed struggle against British rule. Read the … Continue reading

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France: Humanitarian aid a priority over installing a no-fly zone

France has urged humanitarian aid to take priority over installing a no-fly zone. In a radio interview, European Affairs Minister Laurent Wauquiez said: Libya is twice the size of France. So is it even possible to set up a no-fly … Continue reading

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Translated: Statement from the tribes of Zintan

Translation: Statement from the tribes of Zintan to all the Libyan people from all tribes and backgrounds. To all the Libyan cities, that they should not bow down to the moves of the crumbing regime of Gaddafi which is trying … Continue reading

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