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World Food Programme sends food to help displaced people

All times are local Libyan time, GMT+2 01:11 The World Food Programme says it is sending 80 metric tons of high energy biscuits to the Libya-Tunisia border to help displaced people “until they can get settled or reach their final … Continue reading

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Army joins the revolution in Az Zawiya

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Translated: Misratah demonstrators capture a Brigadier and relative to Gaddafi

Translation: Our young brave rebels in Misurata have managed this morning to attack Hamza security Battalion and expelled them from its fortress place at the airbase/Air Academy/Air defence and the young brave rebels have managed to capture some of the … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Mass of protesters moving to Martyr Square

15:12 Al Jazeera English Eyewitness says there was gunfire after friday prayer. They went towards Tripoli and were joined on the way by other protesters. Live on television it appears another person takes the phone and yells at him, saying … Continue reading

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Another account of checkpoints erasing evidence

More from the BBC’s Paul Danahar on the Tunisia-Libya border. He writes: “Suresh Kothia – an Indian who just arrived from Libya – told me that at the last checkpoint the Libyan army took everyone’s phone sim cards and computer … Continue reading

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BREAKING: “Youth of Az-Zawiyah head to Tripoli”

Iyad El-Baghdadi tweets: Live call from Azzawiya: A group of armed youth are heading to Tripoli now. He adds a few minutes later that this was mentioned on Al Jazeera Live. In a previous tweet he writes: Confirmation now via … Continue reading

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Witness says Libyan army blasted mosque in Az-Zawiya

According to a witness, a Libyan army unit loyal to Gaddafi blasted a minaret with anti-aircraft missiles and automatic weapons today after anti-government protesters refused to leave the area. According to the witness the people camped inside the mosque suffered … Continue reading

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NY Times: Gaddafi may be preparing final showdown today

Witnesses have told the newspaper’s reporters that “thousands of mercenaries and irregular security” personnel have been deployed on roads to the city. Here are some parts of the article: “[They are] massing on roads to the capital, Tripoli, where one … Continue reading

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Eyewitness: They are killing people and burning them in Tripoli

Al Jazeera Live Blog has reported that Australia’s ABC Radio phoned a man named Abdul in Tripoli this morning. He described “Black Africans” in army clothes driving around in jeeps; jets and helicopters circling the city (but not dropping bombs); … Continue reading

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Libyan Army have deployed troops at Sabratha town

Al Jazeera and Reuters report that the Libyan army have deployed a large number of troops in Sebratha, some 65km/40m west of Tripoli. Al Jazeera also report clashes in the Sarman district of Tripoli

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