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Video: NTC holds press conference in Benghazi

Mustafa Abdel Jalil spoke today in Benghazi about the state of the country.

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Image: Poster of gratitude in Benghazi

A poster of gratitude in Benghazi, by the BBC’s Gavin Lee.

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Clash in Benghazi Exposes Cracks in Libyan Rebel Ranks

BENGHAZI — Rebel fighters challenging the rule of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi fought a pitched eight-hour battle overnight and Sunday morning against what their leaders called a “fifth column” of Qaddafi loyalists. The fighting raised fresh questions about divisions, distrust and … Continue reading

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Ahmad Bani gives a press conference in Benghazi

Ahmad Bani, a commander of the revolutionaries, spoke today in Benghazi in a live press conference about the advance on Brega, the possibility of a political solution and the outlook for the near future. The following is a short summary … Continue reading

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Video: Anti-Gaddafi rally in Benghazi

Tens of thousands of people gathered on Wednesday in Benghazi, Libya for a rally aimed at sustaining momentum for their nearly five month-old uprising against Gaddafi.

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Libyans who fled Tripoli describe furtive protests

BENGHAZI, Libya — Rebel sympathizers, driven underground by a security clampdown in Tripoli, have resorted to furtive protests such as writing “No” next to pro-government wall graffiti and releasing balloons with rebel flags attached, according to two Libyans who have … Continue reading

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Video: Music from a Different Time

BENGHAZI, LIBYA 6/21/2011 – For centuries, Libya’s position straddling the Arab and African world gave it one of the richest and diverse musical and artistic cultures. But under the regime of Colonel Gaddafi, this culture was actively suppressed in favor … Continue reading

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Hospitals in Benghazi ‘face crisis’

A medical crisis is looming in eastern Libya with hospitals in Benghazi running short of supplies, the rebels’ health minister says. Stocks of drugs and other items such as surgical gloves are said to be running out. Dr Nagi Barakat … Continue reading

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In verse and prose, Benghazi liberates speech

BENGHAZI, Libya — Freedom of speech is the name of the game in Revolution Square in the Libyan rebel capital of Benghazi, where new publications have blossomed and women recite poetry in public. “When the revolution started, I had three … Continue reading

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The Libyan artists driving Gaddafi to the wall

In Tripoli, official portraits of Muammar Gaddafi are everywhere: on giant murals and billboards, in hotel lobbies, offices, shops, homes, and schools. The “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution” usually appears as a sort of deity or in military … Continue reading

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