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Images: Cars burning after bomb exploded at Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi

Here are two pictures taken by Cal Perry right after the car bomb exploded in front of the Tebesti Hotel in Benghazi.

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Libyan rebels hand out rules on POW treatment

BENGHAZI, Libya — The rebel administration that controls much of eastern Libya is distributing guidelines on how its fighters should treat prisoners of war, following a string of allegations that rebels have engaged in unlawful arrests, mistreated captives and killed … Continue reading

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Images: 500 cadets graduate from Benghazi Military Academy

Al Jazeera’s Live Blog shared these pictures taken by AFP. They show some 500 young men, the latest batch of cadets graduating from the Benghazi military academy.

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Unity in Adversity

David Clay writes a blog for the UK Foreign Office. He’s a political officer currently in Benghazi. Since my return to Libya, I have spoken to a number of local people about the character of the city of Benghazi. They … Continue reading

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Video: Volunteers continue to fight in Libya

Al Jazeera’s Mike Hanna reports on the many volunteers fighting on the front lines. Many of them are teachers, engineers and students and have had little to no training.

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Images by UNICEF in Benghazi

UNICEF’s Rebecca Fordham has been tweeting live from Benghazi today as an IOM ship from Misrata arrived. The aid ferry carried some 500 refugees, 50 of whom were injured. 6 people were in need of intensive care. This Sudanese family … Continue reading

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Civil Society Flourishes

David Clay is a political officer working for the British Foreign Office. Previously he functioned as a diplomat in Tripoli. My last visit to Benghazi was nearly a year ago. I had tried to go in January, but the Foreign … Continue reading

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Sealift Extends Lifeline to a Rebel City in Libya

In an article posted in the Herald Tribune today, C.J. Chivers writes about a Libyan fleet organized by the people of Misrata and mariners and fisherman. The sealift has been a lifeline for the besieged city of Misrata by providing … Continue reading

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Benghazi life reflects harsh Libya war reality

Strolling along Benghazi’s seaside promenade, a breeze deflecting the heat from a sun blazing in a cloudless, azure sky, it’s hard to imagine a country at war — until you look more closely. A lone woman in black robes stands … Continue reading

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Video: Religious control lifted in Benghazi

Free from the scrutiny of the Gaddafi regime, citizens in Benghazi are experiencing religious freedom for the first time in decades.

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